Windows 11 is now officially available for free upgrade and download

Microsoft today officially launched Windows 11 or the new version of the Windows operating system for computers, the most advanced version of the most popular operating system for many years, and Windows 11 is now available as a free upgrade for users of Windows 10 compatible devices with the requirements of the new version Gradually for all compatible devices in the coming months, and the new version will also be available on new computers for sale starting today, October 5, 2021.

Microsoft said today, October 5, 2021, is an important milestone in the history of Windwos, as Windows 11 is available today as a free upgrade on eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs with preinstalled Windwos 11 available for purchase from today.

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And if you recently bought a computer with Windows 10, you can expect to upgrade to Windows 11 now, and the upgrade to Windows 11 will be available to other users gradually and until the coming months, and Microsoft said it expects the upgrade. to the new version by mid next year 2022 will be available to all eligible users.

Users can now check if Windows 11 is available to upgrade from Settings and then Updates section. Users can also skip the queue and upgrade immediately, depending on Microsoft’s new Install Assistant program.

Windows 11 brings many new features to users, most notably extensive improvements to the interface and taskbar, in addition to a major change to the Microsoft App Store, along with more features to improve game performance, better multitasking benefits and more running than one application together on the same screen. The Windows 11 features provide security and performance improvements and can also be run android apps straight away.

Windows 11 requires a computer with a processor of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a 64-bit processor, with 4 GB RAM, at least 64 GB storage, TPM 2 support, a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card , and a screen scale greater than 9 inches with a resolution of 720p, and Microsoft provided a tool or software to check if the device is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11, but Microsoft later said it It will not prevent users from installing the new version of Windows 11 on most older computers, but it is recommended to meet the requirements of the new OS version

Microsoft has confirmed that users will be able to continue using Windows 10 after the launch of Windows 11, as Windows 10 support will continue until October 14, 2025, and after installing the Windows 11 upgrade, users will be able to return to Windows 10 within a 10-day period. while keeping files and data.

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