Arizona Cardinals Take Big Win Over LA Rams

Kyler Murray breaks loose against the Rams defensive line.

Kyler Murray breaks loose against the Rams defensive line.
Photo: Getty Images

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals are real. They showed it to us in Week 1 when they beat up the Tennessee Titans. utilities they did the same with the Rams, who put in a dominant performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a week ago.

Murray was great again. He went 24-for-32 for 268 yards and two touchdowns while also rushing for nearly 40 yards. The Cardinals’ running game really took over and made the difference yesterday. The team had 216 yards on the ground, led by 120 yards from Chase Edmonds.

All all day it seemed that the Rams defense was at the mercy of whatever Kliff Kingsbury and Murray wanted to do. And it’s not that this defense is slaw, this unit gave Tampa Bay convulsions last week. But Murray’s explosiveness and the guns on the outside and in the backfield were just too heavy for the boys in Los Angeles.

The Rams will bounce back from this game and better move forward, you can be sure of that. Both the Rams and Cardinals are very good and I think their next meeting will be a lot closer. The Cardinals defense won’t be able to keep Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay to 20 points again.

The fact is, both squads are Super Bowl contenders and have the talent to win anything. They both have MVP leaders behind the center, they both have playmakers on the outside, and they both have defenses that can show up when needed. It’s crazy that one of these teams should lose the division.

I wouldn’t be surprised if both teams found a way to compete in the NFC Championship Game.


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