Brian Laundry Manhunt: Gabby Petito’s parents say fugitive fianc is still alive, recalls tragic news

North Port, Fla. – Gabby Petito’s parents gave a fleeting detail when they heard the news that their 22-year-old daughter had been found. Found In Wyoming She had been missing for several weeks and said she believed her fianc, Brian The laundry is still alive.

Joe Petito and Nicole Schmidt, Gabby’s mother and father and her almost lifelong stepfather, Tara Petito and Jim Schmidt, Drs. Phil sat down for an interview with McGrath that aired on the show under his own name on Tuesday. The approximately 30-minute interview covered topics ranging from Nicole Schmidt’s early school years until her daughter was fine; Text messages sent by Gabby’s parents to Laundry’s parents; And they believe he is hiding.

Jim Schmidt recalls that FMI told him on Sept. 1 that he had “some information he wanted to share.”

Along with Jim Schmidt in Wyoming, he met with law enforcement agents in the conference room of the hotel where he was staying, he said. As he entered the room for the meeting that day, he saw an FBI agent running to meet him through the gym window. He learned it later because he wanted to share the news before the words came out of his search.

“They described to me a piece of clothing that matched her favorite sweatshirt that we knew, we knew it belonged to her,” Jim Schmidt recalled. “We were all crying in the room. You know, couldn’t believe it, because we were standing outside hoping. I knew what we were going to find when we got here.”

Others attended the meeting via conference call, where they learned that the FBI had found the remains of a body that matched Gabby’s physical description.

Schmidt continued, “I was able to create my own and we all got on the conference call and I was able to tell everyone.” While Jim Schmidt was in Wyoming, Nicole was in New York, and Tara and Joe Petito were inside. Florida, He told McGraw.

Through tears, Petito’s mother told McGraw while learning that investigators “found the remains.”

“And we knew he was Gabby. We hoped it wasn’t,” she continued. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever heard … but I knew she was gone. As a mother I knew she was gone.”

The FBI confirmed two days later that the remains belonged to Petito and the cause of her death was identified Murder.

Brian Laundry Manhout: Florida Fugitive Last appeared on the first day more than believed, Loyer says

Nicole Schmidt added that her worst suspicion came a few hours after she reported her daughter missing on Sept. 11, the van in which Gabby and Laundry had traveled cross-country had returned to his family’s North Port, Florida home. .

“I didn’t want to admit it,” she said, “but the night I found out there was a van in Florida on the 11th, I thought it was, I thought she was gone.”

Brian Laundry and Petito began their road trip in mid-June in a white Ford transit van with plans to visit national parks along the way. They started dating several years ago after meeting at their local location Long Island, New York, Went to North Port, Florida to stay with high school and laundry parents.

On Sept. 1, the laundry returned to the North Port home in the couple’s van, but without Petito, officials said. There was no record of her disappearance 10 days later when her mother reported it to police in Suffolk County, New York, on Sept. 11. Authorities later confiscated the van from Laundry’s home. Brian then disappeared, his lawyers first told reporters he went missing on Sept. 14, before changing course on Sept. 13.

Shortly afterwards, authorities named Laundry after a person who was interested in her disappearance. On September 23, The FBI He was issued an arrest warrant for bank card fraud.

Brian Laundry Stole, Used Gabby Petito Credit Cards and ‘Run’ by Police: Family Attorney

During Tuesday’s show, Stafford Brian Laundry accused Petito’s credit card was stolen, used “to get home and then run away from the police.”

During a separate episode of the interview, Joe Petito told McGraw that Brian “didn’t tell us” that he had returned home in Petito’s van. Nicole Schmidt added: “So far we’ve been camping with our daughter.”

Brian hurriedly began texting and calling Laundry’s parents, even thinking that Brian was missing, Joe Petito said.

“One of the texts, I mean, I was going to call the police. You know, ‘just letting you know because we have no idea, no response,'” Joe Petito continued. “A normal parent, when you text someone they’ll call the police because you can’t find your child, they’ll answer.”

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Joe Petito further described that Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, allegedly had “documents at the door” instructing police to contact their lawyer.

Petito, who spoke openly to the media about his feelings about how the laundry family handled the situation, told McGrath that he felt the laundry “owed me more than that.”

Brian Laundry Manhunt: Cabbie Laundry left after Gabby Petito Homicide

“I am a father. I stand by my children for their decisions,” he explained. “If they make a mistake, I’ll help you. I’ll take you that way. But you go, man, you’re going to admit your mistake because that’s what parents do – they’re not doing it. I’m sorry.”

Nicole Schmidt said Gabby’s parents said they both think the laundry “knows a lot more than throwing them out”.

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Asked if he was “100%” sure Brian Laundry was hiding, Petito replied: “I do.”

“Because it’s a coward. It’s flat. I can use a few other words, but I can’t use it in your show. Coward,” he said. “Anyone living in that house is a coward and they don’t know how to stand up for their actions.”

Michael Ruiz of Fox News contributed to this report.

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