Britney Spears says her family will do so amid guardianship, thanks to a lawyer for changing her life

Britney Spears She talks about her family.

A few days after the death of her father, Jamie Spears hung as her governorThe 39-year-old pop star took to Instagram to deal with the way her family has treated her in her 13 years. guardianship.

The post included a picture of a woman lying on a mattress under water while another woman is swimming towards her.

“This picture is everything to me!!! It makes me want to cry.. It saves her divine female sister!!!!” Spears started the caption Before diving into her personal life.

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Britney Spears criticized her family in a new Instagram post.

Britney Spears criticized her family in a new Instagram post.
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“I would suggest if you have a friend in a house that seems really small for four months…no car…no phone…no door to privacy and they have to work about 10 hours a day 7 days a week and give a lot of blood a week with Never having a day off…” “I highly suggest you go pick up your friend and carry him there!!!!!”

Then she addressed the situation of her family.

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“If you’re like my family saying things like ‘sorry, you’re under guardianship’… maybe they think you’re different so they can stay with you!!!!” I wrote. “Thank God I found the wonderful lawyer Matthew Rosengart who helped change my life!!!!”

Britney Spears' father Jamie Spears has been removed from his role as guardian after she accused him of abuse.

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has been removed from his role as guardian after she accused him of abuse.
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Matthew Rosengart She is the attorney who agreed to represent Spears when she was granted the ability to appoint her own representative earlier this summer. She was represented by court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham for years prior.

A red rose emoji is also included in the caption, most likely a nod to the hidden “Rose Project”. The star wasn’t clear about what the project was, but she previously confirmed that she uses several pink emojis and Repeated clothing, in fact, is important.

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Representatives for Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment while Lynn and Bryan could not be reached immediately.

Spears noted that there is tension in her family that goes beyond just her father, with reports suggesting that her mother flexible and his brother Brian Both are on her payroll Because she spends the money amid her guardianship.

Britney Spears previously spoke about her sister, Jaime Lynn.

Britney Spears previously spoke about her sister Jaime Lynn.
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The singer is “toxic” too Stabbed her sister Jaime Lin On social media, she previously expressed her disdain for the country star’s performance during an award show appearance.


“The so-called support system really hurts me!!!!” Spears wrote at that time.

Shortly after Tuesday’s post, the singer shared another piece of art, this time depicting a city view on the barrel of a rifle aimed at a woman made of mountains, rivers, and more natural materials.

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“What would Mother Nature do????” I asked in the caption Prior to giving credit to artist Mario Sanchez Nevado.

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