Captain Ghazali, the poet of Seismia and the leader of “The Children of the Land” who motivated the Egyptians before the October War of 73 | news

Captain Ghazali, the poet of Seismia and the leader of “The Children of the Land” who motivated the Egyptians before the October War of 73 |  news

Today we celebrate the 48th anniversary of the victory of October 6, 1973.

The memory of the art is filled with many enthusiastic patriotic song makers, including “Captain Ghazali” or the poet of Semsemia, one of the most prominent artists in the history of the popular resistance in Suez, who took on the task of succeeding the late late poet Abdullah Kabir.

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Captain Ghazaly founded the band “Wlad Al-Ard” in Suez where you compose and compose all the songs except the song “Ya Beyut Al Suez” written by the late Abdel Rahman Al-Abnoudi.

Who is Captain Ghazali?

Born in the village of Abnoud in Qena Governorate, on November 10, 1928, Muhammad Ghazali worked as a wrestling coach and poet in addition to participating in the popular resistance, especially after the misfortune of June 67.

He acquired the nickname “Captain Ghazali” because of his sports work, although before that he was an employee of the Ministry of Justice and then the Ministry of Agriculture, joining the popular resistance movement of the canal against the British occupation, continuing his patriotic activity. after the revolution of July 1952, without joining a political front.

Earth Boys Band

Al-Ghazali launched his sesame song band, which was initially named “Mery’s Blanket” because the band members used to put a blanket on the floor and sit on it to sing in the trenches.

The band’s name was later changed to “The Children of the Land”, and it witnessed the participation of a number of artists in its songs such as the poet Abdel Rahman Al-Abnoudi, the composers Ibrahim Rajab and Hassan Nashaat, together with the singers Muhammad Hamam and Muhammad Al-Ezaby.

The children of the country presented songs that became part of Suez’s heritage and his popular resistance, such as “Sing, Sesameya, for the bullets of the gun,” “O Houses of Suez” and “Fat a lot, Ya Baladna.” These songs were again sung by other singers, most notably Fayda Kamel and Mohamed Mounir, who used songs Ghazali and his band in the movie “Strange Tales”.

Captain Ghazali and his singing group played an important role in motivating the Egyptians after June 1967, along with a number of song makers who managed to unite the ranks and spread the spirit of heroism until the great victory was achieved in October 1973.

Captain Ghazali was arrested on March 7, 1973 and his residence was determined in the city of Banha for a year, after which he returned to Suez and continued to present his songs with the Welad El Ard band, settling in his favorite city until his death. on April 2, 2017, at age 89.

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