Emily VanCamp celebrates her four-year run on ‘The Resident’ as she exits – Deadline

Emily VanCamp celebrates her four-year run on ‘The Resident’ as she exits – Deadline

except: It was a bittersweet goodbye to Emily VanCamp On Tuesday night’s episode of Fox‘s the residentHer character Nick Nevin succumbed to her injuries from a car accident.

But VanCamp says she made the right decision for herself and her growing family, which now includes a daughter, Iris. Yes, there was some overlap between VanCamp’s pregnancy and Nick’s, which helped the actress keep her private little secret quiet until she announced the birth in September — on her own time.

“It was so much fun, mostly because I’m so private about my family life,” she told Deadline exclusively about pregnancy both on the show and in real life. “It allowed us to keep the pregnancy quiet and have our own thing for a little while. That was lovely in itself – finally getting a little privacy. The timing wasn’t quite the same, so I was wearing [prosthetic] My stomach is above my stomach. You know, after all of the Marvel stuff, it was nice not to have to focus so much on all of that stuff.”

VanCamp has only positive memories from working on the medical drama, and will “completely” consider going back in the future in flashbacks. He joked, “Never say never.”

“It’s a bittersweet moment for me. I loved doing it the resident a lot in the four years I’ve been there. You often hear about someone walking out of the show because something bad happened or there was some bad blood. But in this case, it’s quite the opposite. There is nothing but love and respect between all of us, and this decision wasn’t easy for anyone, but it was the right one for me personally. I am grateful to have been met with understanding and compassion,” she said.

We started talking about it [my leaving] Since the period. I spent many years on network television, but suddenly the priorities changed. I think there comes a moment in every woman’s life – in every person’s life – where it becomes less about work and more about family, and that’s what happened while doing the show. Doing several episodes in a different city and then adding Covid to that, most of us haven’t been able to see our families for about a year. It really reinforced for me that family is where my heart is right now.”

Resident: LR: Matt Kazucheri and Emily VanCamp in the resident.
Guy D’Alema/Fox

Nick, a nurse at Chastain Park Memorial, was one half of the dynamic duo known as CoNic, a bearer of the names Conrad and Nick. Conrad, played by series star and co-executive producer Matt Kochrey, wasn’t ready for a relationship when he was introduced to the series’ premiere, but the relationship between him and Nick was impossible to ignore. The duo tied the knot last season and welcomed their daughter together, Gigi.

Kochrey was the first person VanCamp told about her decision to leave the show.

“The beauty of television…we’ve done more than 70 episodes together and the audience has had time to see that relationship grow and change,” he told Deadline. “When I think about it again, I hope the audience feels like we’ve given them everything they want. Conrad has always been there for Nick and vice versa. I hope their journey is something rewarding for the audience and we do them justice with Episode Three and moving on.”

He added, “I have so many wonderful memories that I shared with Emily because we spent so much time together. She and I have such trust and respect for each other. I think we pushed each other. We inspired and supported each other. She wanted to focus on family, and I was the first person I spoke to.” About it. I just wanted her to be happy. It was so rewarding to have a partnership with her.”

Emily VanCamp, Matt Kochry, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Manish Dayal, Jessica Maisel, Tasso Feldman, and Dinetra Isler.
Guy D’Alema/Fox

VanCamp and her co-stars were not filming Episode III due to “conditions that proved difficult”, as she shared that it was all done using “movie magic”. Due to the episode’s story, VanCamp hasn’t shown it yet. Instead, it celebrates the life of a character who died while she was alive – to help others.

“Nick has been a very beautiful life. As tragic as the way it goes, its ending is very fitting and representative of the person it was,” she says. “I’m so glad they went that route with the character, she totally leaves a legacy. She left such a big imprint on my heart. I loved playing Nick and I’m grateful for everything she taught me.”

With this ending, Conrad awaits a fresh start as a single father grieving the loss of his true love. What can fans on this front expect going forward?

“Episode four picks up right after everything has happened and we see how Conrad puts his pain into figuring out why the accident happened. He wants answers that make sense,” Kochri teases. “He comes back to the crash site in a compulsive way, and that’s where he puts his pain. The loss was so sudden and so painful as he tries to get around answers about the cause of her death.”

LR: Matt Kochry and Manish Dial
Tom Griscom/Fox

“I hope we stay faithful to what would be organic to what it’s like to lose the love of your life in a very shocking way,” he adds. “Hopefully after watching that episode, people know we didn’t pull any punches. It’s heavy and dark and beautiful at the same time. What we’ve all been pushing collectively into production is making something authentic and honest. When we get to this last part of the episodes, I hope we’ll We see the struggle within Konrad trying to make sense of it all.”

Hopefully, Conrad can count on the support of his father-in-law Kyle (Corbin Persen) to move forward. In an emotional scene, Conrad has to pull himself together while telling Kyle that he can’t save his daughter. Nick’s sister Jesse died in season 3.

“I feel bad for Kyle, he’s been through a rough patch,” VanCamp shared. “It was some of my favorite scenes with Corbin, he was like my dad on set and I just adore him.”

VanCamp knows fans are sad to say goodbye but asks them to keep supporting the resident, Tuesday Nights Broadcast on Fox.

“Watch please. It’s just a great show with rich characters, and it would still be great without Nick.” “It’s always hard to say goodbye to a character. I remember growing up watching different shows religiously and when you leave a character that I felt connected to, it is hard at first. But you always get over it.”

As for what’s new for VanCamp, she’s planning on spending a lot of quality time with her growing family. And if Marvel comes knocking on more Sharon Carter/Agent 13, she won’t say no.

“One thing I’ve learned from working with Marvel all these years is that we can never really talk about anything,” she shares. “I definitely love working for Marvel and I love Sharon, she’s so much fun to play. So, we’ll see.”

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