Frances Haugen Urges Lawmakers to Regulate Big Tech

The internal investigation Haugen shared detailed ways the company is damaging both politically and socially. (Photo by Jabin Botsford-Pool/Getty Images)

Facebook whistleblower Francis Haugen urged lawmakers to enact rules that moderate social networking algorithms during a Senate Commerce Subcommittee hearing today.

“Facebook can change, but clearly it won’t do it alone,” Haugen said.

Haugen — who worked at Facebook from June 2019 to May this year — leaked internal Facebook investigations to the US government and The Wall Street Journal, then revealed her. identity sunday. The internal investigation, she shared detailed ways the company is damaging both politically and socially. In her testimony today, Haugen highlighted the dangers of Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms, claiming they exacerbate political unrest and pose a direct threat to the mental health of teens.

Haugen’s testimony underscored lawmakers’ existing concerns about Facebook, prompting them to reaffirm their commitment to regulating the major tech giant. “Here’s my message to Mark Zuckerberg: Your time of invading our privacy, promoting toxic content, and praying for children and teens is over. Congress will take action,” Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts said during the hearing.

Despite the internal information Haugen revealed, she made it clear that she believes “we still have time to act”.

Facebook criticized Haugen’s description of the key issues facing the company in a pronunciation at the hearing, citing her lack of commitment to the subject of the investigation: “We disagree with her characterization of many of the issues she testified about,” said Lena Pietsch, Facebook’s director of policy communications. “Despite all this, we agree on one thing; it’s time to create default rules for the web.”

Facebook whistleblower tells Senate government must take action to regulate Big Tech

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