“Hot potato”, Feltri and Senaldi convicted of libel: fine of 11 thousand euros for title Libero on Virginia Raggi

Eleven thousand euros. It cost so much to Vittorio Feltri the famous “hot potato“. The decision comes directly from court of Catania, who condemned him – along with his colleague Pietro Senaldic – pay a fine for having slandered Virginia Raggi with the first page of Free of February 10, 2017 on which those words stood out next to the photo of the then mayor of rome, in a clear reference Legal Affairs in which the first capital was involved at the time.

Jurisdiction over the case is entrusted to the judges Sicilians because it is the city where a copy of the Milanese newspaper was first printed. In the detail of the sentence, the judge stated a injury to be determined in a civil procedure, in which a provisional amount of 5 thousand euros, the payment of legal fees and the publication of the sentence in major national newspapers. Along with Feltri, who is considered an “author” but also an “editorial director”, Senaldi was also on trial on charges of omitted the check in that Site Administrator of the newspaper at the time of the facts: for him the penalty up to a fine of 5 thousand euros conditional fine. The prosecutor had asked three years and four months from captivity for felt it’s at eight months per senaldic.

The journalist from Bergamo, today city ​​councilor for the Brothers of Italy in Milan, was charged with having “offended the reputation of Virginia Raggi“After the lawsuit filed by the person directly involved, who later became a civil party in the process. In addition to the title of the article, surtitle, which read “The Rays’ bittersweet life” and the resume, with the inscription “The Mayor of Rome in the eye of the storm for her communal and personal affairs. History recalls Berlusconi’s epic with the Olgettine, which ended in a bad way “. “That embarrassing title not only offended me but all women. I hope this episode serves as a warning and to make people think seriously about the themes of sexism andhate speechRaggi noted. Who added: the respect for women, and of people, should always come first”.

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