How many nuclear warheads does the United States have?

Data from the United States Department of State showed that the United States had 3,750 nuclear warheads in September 2020 and that it had reduced its arsenal by 88% from 1967.

The material, released Tuesday by the U.S. State Department’s news agency, stated that the United States’ arsenal of nuclear warheads was 3,750 through September 2020, representing an 88% reduction from its highest level at the end of 1967. , when the number of warhead warheads was 31,255. .

This is also an 83% decrease from the number at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, when the number of nuclear warheads in the United States was 22,217.

Between 1994 and 2020, the United States dismantled 11,683 nuclear warheads, 711 of them since September 2017.

About 2,000 nuclear warheads were also withdrawn from service and are now awaiting decommissioning, and in Russia Today.

Since September 30, 1991, close to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US arsenal of non-strategic nuclear weapons has shrunk by more than 90%.

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