Katie Couric is back on ‘Today’ to promote Bomb Diary

Katie Couric will be promoting her bombshell memoir on Today’s show — despite criticism from a number of former co-stars and producers, Page Six can reveal.

Couric, who has co-hosted the leading morning show on NBC for 15 years alongside Matt Lauer, will appear on October 19.

Her appearance comes after we revealed it CBS cancels Couric’s planned appearance on “This Morning” With Gayle King after learning that Couric has criticized the network in her new book, “Go there.”

Couric will join Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb in Studio 1A, where she sat in the hot seat from 1991 until 2006.

“With all the hype surrounding the book, it would be interesting to hear from Katie herself on TV,” a TV source said.

Insiders discussed that Couric was likely going to CBS after her NBC interview.

As we exclusively disclosed, Couric spared no effort without turning it over In detailing its course through the radio press.

she She launched an attack on her ex-competitor “Good Morning America” Diane Sawyer, admits she tried to sabotage Ashley Banfield’s time on NBC as well Deborah Norville criticized, which she replaced on “Today”. It is strange that she admits I heard “whispers” About Lauer’s abusive behavior and comforts him.

Writing of her departure for Today, Couric said that by 2005, “I was feeling anxious. I longed to be respected for my journalistic piece, and although I did many serious interviews in the morning, the fun stuff, which I enjoyed Her—like flying across the square in a Peter Pan costume while throwing phosphorescent confetti, dreaming of being a backup singer for Darlene Love, and throwing myself against a Velcro wall—was what people remembered.

“I felt the show was softer, the tough news interviews got shorter, and the clips got more interesting. The Lacey Peterson story seemed to come like the hour 7:35 every day, showing off her lowly husband, Scott, the prime suspect in her murder, not because there were developments New but because the story is “Rated”.

Katie Couric’s memoir “Going There” lights up the broadcasting world.
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One morning, the announcers had to dress up in “Jetsons”-style costumes for a segment on Today’s Show of the Future—leading her boyfriend at the time, Tom Werner, to remark, “I don’t think this is going to win you any Peabody’s.”

Couric did not want to switch to Jane Pauley, who was replaced by Norville, she wrote, adding that she wanted to jump before she was pushed — and subsequently jumped to CBS Evening News.

She also attacks Jeff Zucker, the former executive producer of “Today” and the current president of CNN – especially after he failed to give her a job at the network.

The pair worked closely together at NBC during Couric’s tenure on “Today,” then Zucker moved on with her to produce the ill-fated ABC talk show before he was fired.

Couric wrote that Zucker then asked her to put a kind word with Jeff Beaux, the former CEO of Time Warner, for him on CNN. “This is really my last chance to get a great job like this. Of course, if you want to, there will be a job for you too,” he told her.

“In those eight seconds while he was waiting for my answer, our time together flashed before my eyes: excitement, fun, togetherness, an unstoppable ascent. Yes, he was very disappointed. But despite everything, we had been through a lot together. I knew Also that the news has always been his sweet spot, and CNN is going to be much better.

I told him, “Of course I will. On November 29, Jeff was named president of CNN.”

But, she added, “Oh, and I’ve never heard of him about this job.”


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