Kristin Fisher’s conviction overturned after Waverley magistrate’s warning

“People in the eastern suburbs must have had enough.”

Mrs. Fisher’s attorney, Michael Bowe, told the court that his client had never received court visits by mail despite checking her mailbox daily, to which Magistrate Hudson replied that she also received the notices by email after “taking the benefit.” of the doubt”. by the court after failing to appear twice before.

Mrs. Fisher interrupted the proceedings to ask if the court had the correct email address, whereupon her lawyer urged her to remain silent.

Magistrate Hudson acknowledged the opposition of the NSW Police Prosecutor to Ms. Fisher’s request for annulment, but said it could be argued that Ms Fisher suffered an “accident” after telling the court that the court’s first notice that she had been given by the police was lost after being glued to her fridge, and that in the “interest of justice” she had the right to plead guilty and express her regrets.

According to a police statement of fact, officers were patrolling a “known” drug hotspot to target “dial-a-dealers” – drug couriers who arranged deals through messaging apps – when they saw a Kia Rio driving erratically.

When the budget hatchback was pulled over, they found Mrs. Fisher in the vehicle with “two clear resealable bags of white powder” on her feet, weighing one gram in total, with a street value of approximately $300.

Mrs. Fisher had told police that no money had been exchanged and that she was making the deal on behalf of a friend.

“The accused sat frantically in the passenger seat and tried to exit the vehicle and evade police interaction,” court documents state.

Neither Mrs. Fisher nor the dealer – an upbeat 19-year-old beauty therapist in training from Merrylands who was convicted after appearing in court via video and pleading guilty – could explain why she was in the car or how they knew each other.

It girls: Nadia Fairfax, Olivia Bond, Kristin Fisher, Kate Bond, Jordana Sexton and Montarna Pitt.Credit:Chloe Paul

Fisher is a member of Sydney’s collection of social pages “It Girls”, reaching her social peak this year as one of the bridesmaids at fashion darling Nadia FairfaxSwifts lavish wedding at Darling Point mansion.

The mother of two told PS last week: “I’m not a bad person… for God’s sake I raised $250,000 for the victims of the wildfires, but nobody wants to write about that.”

On Wednesday, she called on her friend, high-profile Sydney businesswoman Shelley Barrett, the founder of the cosmetics company ModelCo, to provide a glowing character reference that was offered to the court.

In a letter of apology to the court, Ms. Fisher expressed her regret and regret at the arrest, and shared her concern that a criminal conviction would prevent her from traveling to the United States, where she regularly receives professional training in eyebrow tattooing.


However, last week she also claimed that the notoriety had also led to new offers pouring in for brands eager to tap into her growing social media following, which had grown since her conviction started generating headlines.

“I’m just a small business owner, and it’s been damn hard with no income in lockdown…and the bills keep coming in, the rent is $30,000 a month I still owe from last year, my general manager died this year, I’m a single mom…it’s a lot,” she told PS.

Ms. Fisher, who has received emergency aid payments from the government, has also expressed frustration at the lockdown and has vociferously criticized government policies on social media. She’s posted about the pressure of having “mouths to feed,” only to share photos of upscale gourmet luxuries like truffle spaghetti.

“I’m not going to go all holier than you, or throw anyone else under the bus, but I’m far from the only one,” she said last week of cocaine use among her social peers, her words echoing Magistrate Hudson’s comments on Wednesday.

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