Moria College asks parents and relatives for vaccination certificates

Private schools are asking students for their vaccination status, with Moorea College in Sydney’s eastern suburbs going further by asking parents, siblings and regular student contacts to submit their vaccination certificate as schools prepare to resume face-to-face learning.

Moriah, in Queens Park, sent a letter to parents last week, asking them to email the information to the school by October 11. “The vaccination status will only be considered confirmed upon receipt of a copy of the vaccination certificate,” the letter states. .

“[The information] It will help us plan events and activities as we analyze the risks of inviting parents and family members to campus.” She said all information will be confidential. A school spokeswoman said providing information is not mandatory.

“As the school prepares to reopen and as part of our COVID safe plan, we are asked to screen our exposure to the virus,” Moriah’s letter said. “The school will therefore ask parents to provide information about their child’s/children’s vaccination status in the same way we ask for other vaccination details.”

Moria College required parents to copy their vaccination certificates.attributed to him:Louise Kinnerley

Other schools — such as Kings, Trinity Grammar, Kincoppal Rose Bay and SCEGGS Darlinghurst — have asked parents to update their children’s vaccination status. Santa Sabina requested vaccination status for both parents and students.

“Sharing this information is completely voluntary and confidential but will help reduce the severity of the response should there be a case here in Santa Sabina,” President Paulina Skerman wrote. Some, such as St Catherines and MLC School, did not request any information about the student or the parents.

Teachers must be fully vaccinated by November 8, but such government rules do not apply to students 12 or older who are eligible for vaccination. There is no rule that prevents children of unvaccinated adults from going to school, or that their parents take them.

When businesses reopen at 70 percent of community vaccination, only vaccinated beneficiaries will be allowed in. However, schools differ from businesses such as bars, restaurants, and beauty salons because education is legally mandatory.

Moriah’s letter did not tell the parents that there would be consequences if the parents, siblings, or family members were not vaccinated.

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