Rome greets the Raggi: sensational flop of the grillina

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Rome greets the Raggi: sensational flop of the grillina

Rome rejected Virginia Raggic and its governance model. The mayor’s grillina story of redemption from bad politics was to no avail. Indeed, it is the traditional parties, those who held sway for this last council in the Capitol, with the coalitions supporting first Gianni Alemanno and then Ignazio Marino, then the center right and center left to reclaim possession of the scene. What makes you think. The latest figures even speak of last place.

Because if the flagship of grillism collapses like this, in the city where the politics of buildings is based, it means that the anti-systemic wind is no longer blowing. In fact, the national leader of the five-star movement Giuseppe Conte tries, with poor results, to institutionalize and normalize the image and content of the creature he coordinates. At the expense of contradicting oneself alone. Rome for the grillini, however, it is not just the fruit of the tree of the past: it is current, with Virginia Raggi appointed to the guarantee committee of the Contiana management, as a sign of continuity between the “vaffa” and the pochette- grillism .

In the neighborhoods where the former mayor split up five years ago, turnout was lower compared to the rest of the city’s territory. A lack of representation that political formations need to remedy after five years disasters which have led to the capital being described as dirty, chaotic and disorganized even in international newspapers, damaging the entire national credibility.

It is not customary to leave the contest after only five years of administration with this self-evident: it would be the custom of voters, at least in general, to give a second chance or at least ensure that the mayor outgoing access to the vote: but the Rays, as in the worst political parables that have marked the administrative experiences of the Five Star Movement, not even this one, which is a consolidated rule of electoral phenomena.

The plastic image of contemporary Rome is that of the wild pigs at free exit. But there would be many shots that could sum up the failures of the Rays and the Five Star Movement, starting with the shots dealing with the garbage that has invaded the streets over these five years. In general, anyone who goes to or lives in the capital can realize the involution of a city that is difficult to control in itself. The five years left behind by the Romans are mainly dominated by the collective feeling of having made a mistake to get rid of it as soon as possible. And the outcome of the first round, which hands the fate of Rome to the challenge between Enrico Michetti and Roberto Gualtieri, still marks a day of liberation for the majority of citizens.

For Rome has no grill soul: it has been a known fact for a while, but the Rays from the mood fulfill the function of certificate. Just two days ago, as tracked down by Adnkronos, the outgoing mayor had come out as follows: “With Giuseppe Contea we win and beat Michetti in the vote. The priorities are work, transport and listening to the least. Let’s carry on with courage.” So a certain security with the former yellow-green and yellow-red prime minister by his side, who nevertheless took good care of himself of going down in the Roman arena for the additional. However, the Apulian lawyer is committed to the Rays, hoping that the city can surprise everyone after all. In short, the defeat of the “mayor” belongs to Contismo and Giuseppe Conte.

Virginia Raggi received about 67% of the vote in the second round five years ago. The first had reached 35%. Today the 5 star movement Romano struggled to get 20% of the vote. A sharp contraction which indicates that Giuseppe Conte’s convinced disceca on the pitch did not yield any concrete advantage for Grillina’s side at best. Rome, which at heart had already submitted the motion, will not regret the “mayor”, who has been relegated to the rear of this administrative competition for the capital.

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