Southeast Recruitment Update: Match Day Quotes

A big part of the recruitment process is the match day atmosphere. From Georgia to Kansas State, Southeast Prospects helped fill the stands.

Christopher Vizzina – Ole Miss vs. Alabama

“Bryce Young is a lot of fun to watch.”

Ronnie Royal – Ole Miss vs. Alabama

“It was quite an exciting feeling to be on the sidelines for pre-game warmups and try to learn skills and watch some of the best play the game! And I’m very grateful to coaches like Coach (Nick) Saban and everyone else for taking the time to come and talk to me and hopefully some of the future stars. Some of the fans knew who I was and were very welcoming!”

Jayden Bethea – West Carolina vs. Tennessee Chattanooga

“Yes, I had a great time visiting Chattanooga and talking to coach (Lorenzo) Ward, their defensive coordinator, and coach (Mike) Yeager, the linebackers coach. I like the way they feed off the energy of the defense as they got two interceptions in the first half.”

Tovani Mizell – Florida International vs. Florida Atlantic

“The atmosphere was electric in the Shula Bowl. It was great to meet Coach KP (Kevin Patrick) in person for the first time. He’s a really cool guy. I look forward to learning more about FAU’s program!”

AJ Hoffler – Oklahoma vs. Kansas State

“The fans there were crazy and cheered the whole game and showed great love as I walked to the recruiting section to cheer me on.”

Jaeden Jackson – Liberty vs. UAB

“The coaching staff has been really good to me and I love what they do with their defensive line with movement. Along with their stadium, it’s super sweet.”

Waltclaire Flynn Jr. – Arkansas vs. Georgia

“Georgia has the best playstyle I’ve seen all year, and they have one of the best fan bases in college. It’s bizarre how everyone turned up so early in the day.”

Daniel Calhoun – Arkansas vs. Georgia

“Building a good relationship with UGA offensive line coaches. Every time I come to UGA, the coaches make sure I have a good time. The stadium was completely full! UGA is at the top of my list. I love smash-mouth football!!!”

Jadon Perlotte – Arkansas vs. Georgia

“Georgia is very good. The fans are wild. I loved it.”

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