SPC approved in first Australian investigation, back on track to vaccinate all staff against COVID-19

Fruit producer SPC has been cleared of any wrongdoing by WorkSafe Victoria after the company decided to delegate a COVID-19 vaccine to its employees.

In August, SPC . announced Canning in Shepparton wanted all 450 workers on the site to be fully vaccinated by November.

Robert Giles, chief executive of SPC, said concerns had been raised to WorkSafe Victoria that the company had not properly consulted its employees before making the decision, but said the safety committee had found no evidence that the company had broken any rules.

“that they [WorkSafe] I wanted to see all of our documents, processes, and policies regarding the decision and how we deal with our employees next.

“On review, they found that we have fully met our consultation obligations and have an open and two-way process with our employees.”

bad timing

Mr Giles said he was disappointed by the investigation that took place during another lockdown in Shepparton where the canner was found.

“We’ve had over 50 percent of our staff in isolation, and we’ve been trying to keep the plant running, and we’ve been sending care packages to our staff,” he said.

“And throwing this on our plate and having to spend time on it was really disappointing.”

But Mr Giles said the shutdown encouraged more workers to get vaccinated.

“More than 99 percent”

Mr Giles said the outbreak in Sydney had also prompted many staff to get vaccinated.

“At our plant west of Sydney in Imo Plains, we very quickly got 100 per cent vaccines,” he said.

“For us, it’s been a huge success and we just have two more people to talk to and work with.”

Mr Giles believes the state government announcement has taken place All permitted workers in Victoria have been vaccinated with the first dose by 15 October That would push the extra employees over the line.

Worksafe said in a statement it had made inquiries to ensure that occupational health and safety obligations were being met.

It said it would only take enforcement action when employers did not meet their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Politicians clash

Meanwhile, the state congresswoman for Mildura criticized her federal counterpart for ‘Irresponsible’ petition against Victoria’s recent vaccination policy.

Independent state MP Ali Cooper said Malian national MP Ann Webster was working to appease misleading people by criticizing the new rule as a “violation of civil liberties”.

Dr. Webster demands signatures against base require All essential workers in Victoria must have had at least one dose of the COVID vaccine by October 15.

She said the vast majority had already requested vaccination and that the new policy was “cruel” and coercive.

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