the real effect of the protest is in the polls – Libero Quotidiano

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Not really. There is no room for political projects trying to convey the no-vax and no pass drives. A very active universe on the web, ready to meet every Saturday in the square. But the movements that reach out to that world and try to represent it are failing in the polls. The closest reality is that of the 3 V movement, which stands for “Vaccini we want the truth”. It was born in 2019, i.e. before the Covid pandemic (when, however, the debate on governance was very fiery in our country), and that hoped to gain electoral advantage from the debate over vaccinations of recent months. They set a pious of treble. In Trieste, where mayor-candidate Ugo Rossi had been arrested a few weeks ago for resisting a government official over a riot outside a post office (some users refused to wear a mask and he had intervened in their support). About a third of the examined sections reach 4.7%. And then in Rimini, where Matteo Angelini exceeds 4.3. For the rest there is little. They collect half a point in Turin, 0.45 in Naples, 0.64% in Rome. In Milan, however, the 0.43. However, the Lombard capital was also the testing ground for another movement that has shown itself in solidarity and participation in the no-pass and no-vax squares. That is, Italexit by Gianluigi Paragone, a senator who left the five-star movement. His project, born in 2020, saw Italy’s exit from the euro as his company name, but then claimed public criticism with the government’s vaccination campaign and the adoption of the green certificate. The same Paragone took the field in the city of the Duomo, and last night in the first ballots he was credited with crossing the 3% threshold in a head-to-head confrontation with his former traveling companions from the 5 Star Movement. In Turin, however, it will apparently not reach 1%. In Bologna, Italexit ran along with two other citizen lists. The cartel got just under 2%. Italexit as a list, on the other hand, would amount to 0.75%. For the one-person lectures, things are going slightly better on average. In Siena, Italiexit picks up 1.73%, while the 3R candidate stops at 1.40%. So this is the electoral achievement of a political party that does not spare anti-scientific positions, with real points of conspiracy. An example is what Ivano Verra, the Italexit candidate in Turin, stated, who expressed his very personal view on the recent deaths of two great Italians. “Raffaella CarrĂ  and Carla Fracci”, he said, “demonstrate the consequences of the vaccine. They died because of a vaccine and we do not know which disease.” Although, as in the case of the 3R movement, the response better than last year’s election performance, in any case, these realities don’t seem to be able to influence the overall picture.

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