Tom Brady’s Return Made Stephen Belichick Look Clogged

The Many Horrible Faces of Stephen Belichick.

The Many Horrible Faces of Stephen Belichick.
Screenshot: NBC

this game lived up to the hype last night.

It was the most anticipated regular season game in recent history. And it took a 56-yard field goal to make the decision.

Emotions were running high before the game and people around that stadium were tearing up as if they had just been hit with pepper spray after eating a red hot chili pepper.

However, once the game started, it was all business and the Patriots got on a mission. The defense held the Buccaneers offense to 19 points and forced Brady to complete 21 omissions with no touchdown passes. Now the Buccaneers could run through the defenses of New England like three-day-old Chinese food. Leonard Fournette rushed for 91 yards at 4.5 yards per carry. The Buccaneers finished the game with nearly 120 yards on the ground.

The chess match between Brady and the Patriots’ defense became so intense that outsiders coach Steve Belichick, Bill Belichick’s son, began to behave as if he were a French bulldog trying to protect his territory.

Even though the Patriots lost, their fans can be proud of the fact that Mac Jones is their man. Back Fat Mac left his desk at State Farm and went head-to-head with the best quarterback it ever did. In many ways he beat Brady. He threw for more yards, completed more passes and threw for more touchdowns.

The Patriots’ dink-and-dunk-passing attack worked against this aggressive defense of Tampa Bay, especially when the Patriots allowed Jones to pass through the field unimpeded.

At the end of the day, the better team won that game in the rain at Foxborough, but everyone involved should feel good about the result. Well, maybe not Little Steven.

Last night, the patriots were able to celebrate their past while embracing their future.


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