Vince Russo on Finn Balor Moves to RAW

Former WWE writer Vince Russo shared his thoughts on Finn Balor’s move to Monday Night RAW.

In a conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Russo stated that he would like “Demon” Finn Balor, but was not a fan of his regular persona.

“Oh yeah! I’m telling you bro when Big E and all of Finn Balor cut that toe-to-toe promo, anyone who could win that match. Oh, that game is up for grabs, bro. Will you quit! Come on, Man! Bro, if he’s Demon Finn I’m fine with that. That’s entertaining, I’m fine with that. But if he’s like 90lb Finn Balor, I’m sorry man. I’m sorry.” Russo said.

Speaking about a possible feud between Balor and Karrion Kross, he added that it would be interesting if WWE got it right.

“Yeah, that would be interesting if they got it right,” Russo added.

You can watch the entire episode below:

What’s next for Finn Balor?

Having suffered his first loss on the main roster to his “Demon” persona, Finn Balor is not involved in any feuds on TV at the time of writing. No explanation has yet been given about the mysterious circumstances that led to him suffering a loss at the hands of Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules.

With both superstars moving to separate brands, it seems the entire saga is being swept under the rug as if nothing happened. That said, the former universal champ has seemingly planted the seeds for his next feud, possibly against Seth Rollins and AJ Styles.

He’s currently working as a face, so a feud with Seth Rollins could easily be on the map, but AJ Styles’ welcoming tweet about Finn is interesting. Since AJ is a heel and Finn is a face, we have to wait and see if one of them turns around so they can work together. However, a match between the two is a more exciting prospect.

What are your thoughts on Finn Balor’s move to RAW? Do you think he should cut corners and challenge Big E for the WWE Championship? What do you think of a possible collaboration between Styles and Balor? Let us know in the comment section below.


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