Vlahovic refuses to extend at Fiorentina

The young Serbian striker, Dusan Vlahovic, has refused to renew his contract with Fiorentina, club president Rocco Commisso confirmed today.
Vlahovic has been the center of attention of many major European clubs, having scored 21 goals in “Serie A” last season.

“Fiorentina has offered Vlahovic a contract that would be the highest paid in the club’s history,” Commisso said in a statement published by the club.
We improved the offer more than once to meet Duchamp’s demands, but he did not take up the offer despite our best efforts.”

“During these weeks I personally looked for a solution that could satisfy the player and the club, but our efforts were not successful,” he added.

Vlahovic, the left-footed striker, who stands 190cm tall and is distinguished by strength, speed and skill, scored 21 goals in “Serie A” last season.

The player’s current contract with Fiorentina expires in 2023 and his salary until last season was 800,000 euros, net per season.

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