Votes in Rome and Turin, Letta: “No top management agreements”. But in country style: ‘Calenda and Conte can be together’

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Votes in Rome and Turin, Letta: “No top management agreements”.  But in country style: ‘Calenda and Conte can be together’

for the votes”no top-level agreements, it is elections for the cities, it will be the individual candidates who will address the voters and the voters will have to choose, it is not the second half of a contest, the mood is an entirely different game. Our candidates will convince”. Then, 24 hours after the administrative vote, courtship and tensions have already started over the second round in Turin and Rome, the secretary Enrico Letta spoke up Rg3 to dictate what the dem line will be in the next few hours. The problem lies mainly with the Giallorossi. In the capital of the piedmont and in the Capital in fact, the agreement at the local level was impossible. And on paper it seems equally impossible to reach an agreement before the vote. But the road is mandatory if the dem candidates are to hope for an opportunity. And the secretary also looked nationwide in the evenings. To answer a question about the ability to hold a coalition together that arises from: calendar An Contesaid one Tuesday: “I do not have doubtless If the answer is yes, I will introduce it to you both.”

Letta’s words came after controversies and tensions arose in the second round throughout the day. In particular, the most delicate match is that of Rome. The candidate Pd Roberto Gualtieric second round challenge Enrico Micheltic (center-right), but chasing: 27% of the vote against 30 in the first round. Fundamental to him will be the contribution of the voters of Calenda (list with the most votes) and those of Virginia Raggi. “I hope Calenda is in the progressive field,” the former Democratic Party minister said today, immediately echoed by the leader of Action. But not alone. Even outgoing mayor M5s insists not to give in to the agreements in the capital: a resistance that, however, will have to deal with the leader Giuseppe Contea. The former prime minister would have always preferred the apparent and difficult that while the Giallorossi try to structure the agreement at the national level, refuse it in the capital. Today, Conte expressed appreciation for Gualtieri, but also said it is too early to talk about round two announcements.

The picture is also complicated in Turin. Here will be the challenge between Lo Russo (center left) e From Milan (center right). The dem is ahead, but the contribution of those who chose other candidates in the first round will also be fundamental. But it’s hard to mobilize what’s left of the 5 stars. Today it was the same M5s candidate in Turin arguing Valentina Sganga: “With you? I didn’t hear and I’m sorry the presence only in Naples… To start over, to rebuild, you have to put your face to it, even where you get lost, like in Turin and Rome,” he told Tgr Piemonte. “In a place where you lose, you can win one day, but you can do it by being close to the people who have spent in that area…”. Finding the basis for a deal seems very difficult and very long.

Meanwhile, strong from Sunday’s results, the dem tries to force their hand. “We are primarily targeting voters. That’s how it works in the mood. The polls tell us there is a field choice to be made and there is a need for clarity: here or there,” PD Assistant Secretary Peppe Provenzano said in an interview with HuffPost. “If he now chooses the progressive field with Conte it has to be completely consistent. Alliances, ballot agreements are the prerogatives of the candidates, but we turn to voters who share a progressive, democratic and reform-oriented horizon, also strong in the credibility of our candidates. But it is clear that those who choose that field must choose it now. And this doesn’t just apply to the Five Star MovementWe, he continues, “are open, we will not fall back into the fatal mistake of self-sufficiency. But the discussion must be reversed. It is not about what the Democratic Party does, but what those who ally with the Democratic Party do. want to close, do”. And on Calenda he said: “The truth is that, even in this case, the question of who to choose between Gualtieri and Michetti should not even arise. We have the responsibility, especially after these administrative offices, not to close the doors to anyone. But we can’t even accept vetoes.”

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