François Lamy, former advisor to Martine Aubry, becomes Yannick Jadot

After more than forty years of loyalty, François Lamy left the Socialist Party (PS) to join the campaign team of Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate for the presidential elections. “A difficult decision to make, which is the result of a personal process of reflectionFrançois Lamy confirms. Since 2017, without leaving the PS, I have worked with others to try and consider a common candidacy, ranging from the left-wing government to environmentalists. It did not work. We have to draw the consequences. We are in the time of action and I don’t want to be a witness or a spectator. I listened to Yannick Jadot for several months and I realized I didn’t disagree with him. He is the candidate of social ecology. “

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François Lamy announced by telephone on Thursday 7 October his decision to return his PS card to Olivier Faure. “Olivier Faure told me he wouldn’t try to convince me. I made my choice after the Villeurbanne Congress [du 18 au 19 septembre], what that of the PS overhaul would be, but that was not the case. It was necessary to come up with a new political offer with the ecologists. The PS got rid of all the components that kept her in charge on the left. Today he can no longer represent it in its entirety. Ultimately, we will have to invent a new political formation, a kind of UDF of the left. “

No poaching strategy

François Lamy will play a role of political advisor “And Swiss Army Knife” within the ecological system. “I have experience with several presidential campaigns. I support the current team and give strategic, tactical or programmatic advice. I will also be able to establish links with partners. “

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François Lamy, former deputy, mayor of Palaiseau and deputy of the minister of the city (2012-2014) was Martine Aubry’s closest adviser for twenty-two years before he became angry with her in 2019. “I am not in the midst of a collective departure. Nor in a process of splitting within the PS. I’m not going to look for anything personal in the countryside of Jadot. I’ve been in politics since I was 14, and it’s too hard to see my political camp in that state. Jadot’s campaign can be a dynamic element of reconstruction. ” Within Europe Ecology-Les Verts it is indicated that there is no poaching strategy. On the other hand, it is confirmed that Yannick Jadot talks to many people within the other left-wing formations. There is nothing to prevent François Lamy’s transfer to the team of Anne Hidalgo’s direct competitor on the left, not being the last on the list.

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