Kyrie Irving celebrated for unvaxxed attitude by Donald Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz

Kyrie is a great company these days.

Kyrie is a great company these days.
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It’s not that Kyrie Irving is wrong, because he is… right in the past. And he is good things done. He just likes sniffing his own farts. And if you’re someone who likes to fart their own, two things happen. A) You will no doubt do and say some stupid things to prove how sweet your farts smell and how good they are, and B) It’s unclear what the reasoning behind the good things you did really was. It’s still good that they’re done, but it’s starting to feel like they’re just done to draw attention to yourself.

Kyrie took to Instagram last night to justify his moonshine position of not getting vaccinated, and I can’t add much to this:

Is that really where you want to be, Kyrie? This is a collection of people who distinguish themselves from logic, reason and decency only to separate themselves from logic, reason and decency. There is no other purpose than that. But then again, that could also be Kyrie’s sole purpose of standing out. There is no overarching ethos at work. It’s just being a grumpy kid to prove you can be a grumpy kid.

I don’t know who these people are that Kyrie hears about losing their jobs because they don’t want to take a safe and free vaccine that will keep us all safer, but the only ones I hear about are the police. You know, the people Kyrie wanted to cancel the playoff bubble in 2020 to protest and oppose. So how exactly does this all work?

Kyrie claims he isn’t hurting anyone. But he is. It can be as micro as his teammates in a quest to win a championship, or as macro as anyone he interacts with while unvaccinated. Maybe it’s minuscule, maybe not enough for him, but it’s there. We were just trying to let people get it for themselves, because we assumed for our stupidly rational and logical reasons that people wanted the pandemic to be over. That didn’t work. We have tried to bribe people. That didn’t work. So all that’s left is to coerce people in the ways we can, namely in the workplace and a threat to livelihoods. Carrot, stick, all that.

At the end of the day, Kyrie is almost certainly not interested in standing in front of anyone. These are just noises he makes to justify being different to be different without really making a statement. It’s not even a rebel for no reason. It’s just a wannabe for no reason.

TNT drops puck

TNT debuted its hockey coverage last night, the night after ESPN did. I don’t know what it is, but everything looks brighter on TNT. That goes for their NBA coverage, and even AEW. It makes the white surface of a hockey rink really stand out. If they get some better jerseys to show off, it’ll be great.

That said, there wasn’t much news about anything they did either. Unless we count Wayne Gretzky’s paint job that made him look like he just walked off the set of “Battle Of The Network Stars.” They added a penalty timer that was imposed on the ice during power plays, which was cool. They had a shot counter on the score bug that ESPN didn’t have. All pluses.

But it sounded about the same as we’re used to. Most of the personalities on TV are the ones we’ve heard on NBC, and the ones provided for a reason. At the end of the Rangers-Capitals game, we had Rick Tocchet say that he would have liked to see Ryan Reaves run an anonymous Capital because the Rangers were being hunted. Gosh, I don’t understand why Tocchet’s stint as coach in Arizona ended with everyone’s dick in the mud.

We also had Gretzky being brought in during the Caps-Rangers game and having to trip while scoring two goals and they were talking about next to nothing. Unless you fiercely remind Eddie Olczyk to remind Gretzky and everyone else that they played in the league at the same time. Nobody cares what player Gretzky thinks Ovechkin remembers him from 35 fucking years ago. And yes Eddie, a very small part of us remembers you and Wayne playing at the same time, because the images of those Oilers turning your Hawks into a used sponge are burned into our psyche. But nobody else cares.

It is only one night and there is enough time to solve the problems. God knows there are enough of them.


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