“Diwali” spreads the light over Dubai from “Expo”

During the year, the Emirate of Dubai holds many festivals and special events that help strengthen its position as a favorite destination to visit. The Light Festival “Diwali” is one of the festivals it organizes annually and it reflects the cultural diversity of the city, which includes more than 200 nationalities living in harmony and security on its land.
Mohamed Firas Mahmoud Erekat, director of the commercial registration department for the retail sector at Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, said the Festival of Lights’ “Diwali” comes on the list of Dubai’s annual calendar for the retail sector, which includes many festivals, events and seasons that all contribute to revitalize the markets and retail sector of the city.
He added that the celebration of the Festival of Lights “Diwali” this year takes on a special character as it coincides with the launch of the exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai” – the first of its kind in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia – where the festival turned into a huge celebration of music, light and culture, as well as you contribute to the revitalization of the retail sector in Dubai through promotional offers offered by malls and shops.
especially festive
Regarding the festive atmosphere of the “Diwali” festival at the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, Muhammad Eraikat said that the performers on Thursday presented a classic group performance in the Indian pavilion, reflecting the spirit of the “Diwali” festival, followed by yet another performance of the “Kathak-Luk Chanda” dance, and a singer presented. The well-known Bollywood Vipul Mehta presents a musical show that dazzles the audience, in addition to an interactive “Swarangoli” musical show with LED lighting, which includes patterns of dazzling colors that spread a spirit of happiness, positivity and prosperity accompanied by the seven “Sabtaswara “tones of classical Indian music.
Dubai residents and visitors can enjoy their time at the “Diwali” light festival this year and participate in live concerts, comedy and entertainment shows, fantastic fireworks, competitions, big discounts, food and beverage deals and other accompanying events, as well as special “Diwali” shows , which started on Thursday and continues until Saturday, at Expo 2020 Dubai, many unique shows lasting 12 minutes, supported by an impressive panel of exceptional lighting effects at “Al Wasl Plaza.” The Dubai Millennium Theater will also host “DHRUV”, the first Indian Sanskrit troupe to put on a great show.
classical music
The “Diwali” celebration continues on Saturday, which includes a group of performances by classical instrumentalists from around the world at the Dubai Millennium Theater and Jubilee Theater, with a selection of musicals inspired by the festival’s atmosphere, featuring a number of well-known and new artists.
Festival of Lights “Diwali” is one of the most prominent events supporting the retail sector including shopping malls and various markets in Dubai. While the city’s residents and visitors will have the opportunity to shop and win golden prizes worth 100,000 dirhams during the “Diwali” golden surprises event; They can simply spend 200 AED in any of the participating malls to get a digital coupon to enter the draw.
The “Diwali” event and the City of Gold offer Dubai residents and visitors who purchase jewelry from more than 125 participating stores the opportunity to win gift certificates to purchase jewelry worth 150,000 dirhams, other prizes and shopping offers.


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