Google Stadia finally allows you to participate in multiplayer games without an invitation

Google finally allows Stadia players to participate in multiplayer games without having to be invited. This basic feature is available on most console platforms and PC starters, but it has taken Google almost two years to add it to Stadia. A new support page confirms that the feature is live in Far Cry 6 at Stadia, so friends can join you without having to dig into menus and send out an invitation.

Google mentions that the feature is only available in “select games” and is disabled by default. 9to5Google noticed that the feature is actually enabled by default, and we have confirmed that it has also been enabled on one of our Stadia accounts. The feature to participate without an invitation is also available in the Stadia app for Android and is available via the web version running on iOS.

Google has gradually added features to Stadia over the last two years since its launch, including a new 30-minute trial of Hi Engineer last month. The future of Stadia increasingly looks like a whitelabel service for game developers and other companies looking to stream games, and last month AT&T began offering a browser-based version of Batman: Arkham Knight using Stadia’s technology.

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