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Among the works exhibited in London’s Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf between November 11 and 14 there is a photo exhibition of a detective in the Metropolitan Police, who shares his unique view of the city.

Sue Windsor, 56, of Horley, Surrey, who has been with the Met for 14 years, has documented her ‘Life in London’ for this year’s show. Her exhibition is a collection of optimistic images depicting the energy and diversity of life in the capital, which she feels is an antidote to the dark side of London she often sees in her daily work.

On duty

In connection with the exhibition, Sue said: “The theme of my post for this exhibition is ‘Life in London’, which seemed to strike the right tone. My job means I have seen a lot of the less pleasant side of London “Taking pictures has allowed me to capture the many other aspects of our amazing city.”

Sue, who has always been an avid photographer, has also included a touching tribute to one of her colleagues who was killed during her duty.

She continued: “The most poignant image for me is ‘In the Line of Duty’. It was taken at Sergeant Matt Ratana’s memorial bench at the Windmill Road Custody Center, Croydon. is greatly missed by all. “

Sue will be exhibiting her work alongside 60 other amateur and professional photographers, including the son of 80-year-old murder victim Lea Adri-Soejoko, who will be commemorating her ‘Life in London’ at this year’s show.

Sunnyhill Park

The 50-year-old IT support analyst and photography enthusiast, Mark Adri-Soejoko, has curated his exhibition entitled ‘Life in London’, as a way of ‘saying goodbye’ to the city that evokes both nostalgia and painful memories of his family life.

After the loss of both his parents, Mark has established a new life in Shoreham by Sea with his wife Frances and three stepsons. He has used photography as a means of dealing with the difficult emotions he has experienced, and talks more about the theme behind the exhibition, he explains:

“During the lockdown, I did not take my camera for almost a year, but my wife had encouraged me to do something, and seeing the possibility of an exhibition was a trigger for me, especially with the decision to leave London …The pictures relate to memories of my life in London and deal with the loss of my parents over the last eight years. My father with dementia and illness in 2013, my mother’s murder in 2017 and now my decision to leave London this year. ”

The London Photo Show gives professional, semi-professional, independent and amateur photographers from all over the world the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public in a professional and high-profile venue.

Visitors to the show will enjoy unique and inspiring images from over 60 photographers from around the world, with a wide mix of genres including portraits, art, wildlife, architecture, fashion, nature, travel, sports, reportage and landscape. .

Founder and professional photographer Andrew Mason, who established the photo exhibition in 2016 to shed light on undiscovered talent, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to return to Southbank. Bargehouse is a raw and atmospheric gallery space – the perfect place for photographers to display their most dynamic, authentic and emotionally evocative images in front of friends, family and other aficionados. I know the excitement and satisfaction that comes from seeing his own work exhibited in a public arena, and I do not want this to be limited to only those who are at the top of the subject – it is something that everyone should be able to experience.

“The London Photo Show is a completely unique, accessible event that brings together aspiring and committed photography fans under one roof, allowing them to build their profile and get noticed, while giving visitors the chance to see some real original works of art. We are passionate about ensuring that photography can be enjoyed by everyone and everyone – the show is built on an ethos of inclusivity and celebration, and we can not wait to open its doors again next week. ”

The exhibition is completely free for the public and passes by to attend, visit for more information.

Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, SE1 between 11 and 14 November. Free admission, but reservation required:

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