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After nearly a two-year hiatus from performing, stand-up comedian Ron James is excited to get back on the floorboards on stages across the country.

“I’m like a labrador retriever the first day of the duck hunting season,” he said. “Let me out of the house and put me in the boat, man.”

On November 3, James will perform in Sydney, Nova Scotia for the first time since the pandemic began. After a whirlwind trip in the maritime provinces, he stops briefly in Toronto before heading west to BC for a number of stops, including five on Vancouver Island.

Expect James to happily reach his audience on Vancouver Island. Showgoers can expect a good-natured tease about their lifestyle.

“It’s not like I maintain stereotypes, but there’s a sense that you’re never going into the elven fields and milking your unicorns,” he joked.

As he usually does, James will insert his more amusing material with comments on topics he considers important.

“I will definitely make some comments about Fairy Creek and the protest there on one of the last large stands of old growth,” he said. “I’m worried about that kind of problem.

“As much as I want to have fun with the audience, I think it’s also my job to shake the apple cart and hold the power to account.”

That said, he realizes that people are coming to his show for some relief.

“I like that people leave the theater a lot easier than when they walked in. I don’t think it’s my job to put another brick on my back.”

While taking a break from making people laugh in person, James took the time to put some of his thoughts on paper.

Released in September, All Over the Map: Rambles and Ruminations from the Canadian Road, is already a national bestseller.

“It allowed me to find an emotional arc for many of my stories that my stand-up action did not allow,” James said.

“I was able to give my fans and newfound audiences a soulful note of the country that has been so good to me and that I have enjoyed traveling all these years.”

However, do not expect James to return to what made him famous.

“When you get to the show, put on your laughing pants, because if the cops don’t wipe the seats off after I’m done, I’ve not done my job.”

Ron James Back Where I Belong tour includes stops in:

  • Victoria Royal Theater, 20 Nov.
  • Campbell Rivers Tidemark Theater, Nov. 22;
  • Duncans Cowichan Performing Arts Center, Nov. 23
  • Nanaimos Havneteater, 25 Nov.
  • Courtenays Sid Williams Theater, Nov. 26.

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