‘Rust’ budget reveals armor master Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was to earn under $ 8,000

The rookie armor on Alec Baldwin’s western movie “Rust” was to earn less than $ 8,000 for his work on the set – while the producers were earmarked to take home up to $ 100,000 each, according to a draft production budget.

The producers of the independent film – which had a total budget of $ 7,279,305 – set aside $ 650,000 to pay for themselves and allocated $ 350,000 as an emergency in case something went wrong, said The Hollywood Reporter, who received a preliminary budget dated September 8. 2021

Meanwhile, lead actor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, who was only working on her second film in that capacity, was expected to earn $ 7,913.

The young armor’s seemingly low salary for the film, which was made under the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees’ Tier 1 contract, was not unusual, experts told the entertainment publication – but the number of producers was, according to a source.

“Rust” began filming in early October, employing 75 crew members.

“I would say this film would be a struggle, but I would not say it would have crashed and burned,” a person with knowledge of similar productions who has reviewed the budget told THR.

“I’m not sure why they needed six manufacturers who received fees. They would fall on top of each other if they were really on set. But that’s not unheard of,” the source added.

“Rust,” which began filming in early October, employed 75 crew members, 22 lead actors and 230 New Mexico backgrounds, according to the THR, who warned that the budget it reviewed only reflected an spending plan and not the actual spent amount.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 24-year-old chief armor in charge of weapons on the film set of "Rust."
Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the 24-year-old armored master in charge of weapons on the film set of “Rust”.
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But the business said the paperwork provides some insight into the filmmakers’ priorities ahead of the October 21 tragedy in which Baldwin, 63, fatally shot film photographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, and wounded director Joel Souza with a .45-caliber Colt revolver, which he thought. was filled with dummy rounds.

Baldwin was to earn $ 150,000 for his lead role, while El Dorado, his production company, received a $ 100,000 fee, according to THR, which noted that the Hollywood star’s modest thanks reflected the fact that “Rust” was a passion project for him.

Meanwhile, Souza was expected to earn $ 221,872, Hutchins was to earn $ 48,945 and assistant director Dave Halls was to earn $ 52,830, the outlet said, citing the budget.

The budget also revealed that an additional $ 7,469 had been set aside for “armored personnel carriers”, $ 17,500 for weapons rentals, $ 5,000 for ammunition, $ 6,000 for helicopter helicopters, $ 5,000 for squibs (special effects explosives) and $ 126,702 for animals, including and their traders. $ 12,000 for horses, $ 1,000 for a puppy and $ 1,250 for pigs, THR said.

The budget for hotel stays included $ 25,000 for rooms for five manufacturers and $ 95,200 for 21 crew members, according to the report.

No criminal charges have been filed and the shooting continues under investigation by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.


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