The first pictures of teenagers jailed for brutal murder in Summerfield Park on man texting 17-year-old girl

These are the first images of three teenagers jailed for luring a man to a park in Birmingham and stabbing him to death.

West Midlands Police released photos of Danish Mansha, Rimsha Tariq and Daiyaan Arif, all aged 18. They used the internet to find someone they thought wanted violent sex with women and lured him to his death.

Their victim, 29-year-old Sohail Ali, was lured to Summerfield Park in Winson Green by the promise to meet a girl of 17 on December 4 last year.

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He had talked to Tariq online before agreeing to meet with the girl in the park, where Mansha, armed with a knife and a shiny shotgun, and Arif lay waiting.

Sohail was assaulted in the park around 2.30pm.

He was stabbed seven times and shot. He was attacked with such force that the knife broke and part of the blade was found embedded in his chest.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment but died just after midnight.

Sohail Ali, 29 years

After the attack, the teens ran away, but CCTV footage recorded as part of the investigation showed that Mansha and Arif were celebrating the killing with a fist.

Seized footage made it possible for murder detectives to track down the teens, and they were arrested on suspicion of murder a few days later.

Summerfield Park, Winson Green
Summerfield Park, Winson Green

Evidence was found on their cell phones, and although some of it had been deleted, the digital forensic team was able to recover some.

Conversations about message apps were cross-referenced with them from the victim’s phone to put together what happened.

The teenage killers were in regular contact with each other in the days leading up to the killing, and Tariq continued to chat with Sohail via WhatsApp and Instagram until half an hour before he was killed.

Following their arrests, police say the teens refused to answer questions about what happened, but in light of the forensic evidence – DNA, CCTV and digital – the Crown Prosecution Service approved a murder change for all three teens on the basis of joint venture.

All denied murder. After a ten-week trial at Coventry Crown Court, Mansha and Tariq were found guilty of murder while Arif was convicted of manslaughter. Mansha was also found guilty of possessing an article with magazines.

At the sentencing yesterday, Mansha, from Majuba Road, Birmingham, was jailed for life with a minimum of 19 years.

Tariq from Bevington Road, Birmingham, was jailed for a minimum of nine years. Arif, from Apsley Road, Oldbury, Sandwell jailed for three years and six months.

That Insp Laura Harrison, from the West Midlands Police homicide squad, said: “This case is really sad. It was a completely pointless attack that took a life and changed three more forever.

“My officers have worked tirelessly on the case; and although today’s judgment can never bring Sohail back, I’m glad we’ve been able to ensure justice for him and his family. My thoughts are with them at the moment. ”

Following the sentencing, Sohail’s family said: “We are delighted that the accused were found guilty and convicted today for the brutal crime they committed. Unfortunately, nothing can bring Sohail back to us.

“Sohail was murdered unnecessarily and his life has been stolen from him. The pain we suffer from his loss is overwhelming. He will remain in our hearts forever.

“We are really grateful and grateful to the police and the legal team who worked so hard on my son Sohail’s case to get him justified.”

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