8 Ways Sabrina’s Archie Comics Past Spells Mischief for Riverdale

Sabrina uses her magic to cleanse Veronica's outfit.

Picture: Dick Malmgren, Jon D’Agostino, Barry Grossman, Bill Yoshida / Archie Comics

After Sabrina’s first appearance in Archies galehus # 22 – a short story that explains how the teen witch was given the task of creating problems for other young mortals – she began to appear in other Archie Comics projects such as Archies TV grin, a comedy series with characters such as Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. In her earliest appearances, Sabrina was not yet portrayed as a full-fledged servant of the devil, but rather one of many young witches tasked with casting spells on mortals while concealing the character of her magical abilities.

These early comics established Sabrina’s relationship with her Aunt Zelda and cousin Ambrose, but they also brought Sabrina herself into the circle of Riverdale teens, with whom she quickly made friends. Although Sabrina’s solo adventures involving people from her own life often focused on the idea of ​​witches who would remain separate from mortals, her jokes with Archie and the gang underscored how Sabrina, despite her upbringing and Zelda’s aversion to humans, could not deny. to want to socialize and be kind to his fellow youth.


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