Christmas Rom-Com with an unhappy love twist

There is nothing wrong with being single during the holidays – at least not unless your family is involved. On the way home for Christmas, Peter (Michael Urie) knows that arriving alone will arouse pity, worry and painful matchmaking attempts from his extended family. So he does as any sensible adult in his position would do: he recruits his best friend, Nick (Philemon Chambers) to be his fake vacation boyfriend. What is it, you say? Have you already seen a Netflix rom-com about a fake dating scheme? Well … this one has Jennifer Coolidge! Take it, “Love Hard”!

Although it has the extra spark of Coolidge comedy, “Single All The Way” looks as clichéd as it gets – which is certainly a positive. Pretending to date his best friend brings Peter to the shocking realization that he may actually be in love with Nick. As if that’s not complicated enough, he’s gotten out of balance when his mother sets him up on a blind date with her handsome coach, another man he quickly gets feelings for. The chronically single man now has two options ahead of him, and a big decision hangs over his vacation: is an attempt at a relationship worth risking losing his best friend? The trailer for “Single All The Way” does not leave much to the imagination, but the reindeer hearing protection, flashing Christmas lights and blaring Christmas music are a quick reminder that it does not matter to guess the end. It’s all about the adorable, festive journey.

“Single All The Way” is Netflix’s first gay holiday movie coming after a wave of queer Christmas stories in 2020. After years of wasting movies, Lifetime and Hallmark finally decided to diversify the area of ​​Christmas romcoms with gay stories, such as . “The Christmas-Set-Up”, “Dashing in December” and “The Christmas House.” This was also the year when Kristen Stewart’s “Happiest Season” fell on Hulu and became a holiday obsession. Now from the studio that gave us Vanessa Hudgen’s cinematic universe, comes a number of holiday romantic tales, including the outburst of joy, which is “Single All The Way”. The film comes from director Michael Mayer, who is also behind various episodes of NBC’s “Smash”. Also on the cast are Luke MacFarlane (“Killjoys”), Barry Bostwick (“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), Jennifer Robertson (“Schitt’s Creek”) and Kathy Najimy (“Hocus Pocus”).

“Single All The Way” arrives on Netflix on December 2, 2021. You can read the official synopsis and check out the poster below.

Peter (Michael Urie) is desperate to avoid his family’s judgment of his eternal single status, and persuades his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to join him on vacation and pretend they’re in a relationship now. But when Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date with his beautiful trainer James (Luke Macfarlane) – the plan goes wrong.

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