Conservatives deny MP Bury South was hangover in Gibraltar’s ceasefire

The Conservative Party has rejected allegations made today that two Tory MPs on the Gibraltar memorial trip, one of whom was Bury South MP Christian Wakeford, had been drinking until 1 p.m. 02.00 and were hangovers at an event the following day.

Earlier, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has been accused of “political play” after failing to mention that Tory MPs Ben Everitt and Christian Wakeford, who allegedly went out drinking until the early hours of a parliamentary trip to Gibraltar, while accusing a Labor MP and two SNP members of the same offense

Fifteen parliamentarians attended a parliamentary visit by the armed forces in Gibraltar to the Armistice Day as part of a cross-party group.

Various journalists were informed last night that the two SNP members and the Labor MP were allegedly drunk and disorderly while on the British Airways flight to Gibraltar.

A source close to the trip said:

“People are amazed at Ben Wallace’s hypocrisy and his reckless attempts to draw the armed forces into political play.

“It was a serious misjudgment on his behalf, which has resulted in spectacular setbacks, as two Conservative MPs were out on the whip until the early hours.

“If anything is disrespectful, then its Conservative MPs will meet hangovers for official events with service personnel on the eve of Armistice Day.”

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