Digital Fightclub is coming to DC

From this month, DC tech is finally getting what it has been missing all along: the ability to shout and throw popcorn on the screen.

November 17, Dallas’ Digital Fight Club brings its virtual “battle” event for technical experts to DC. Professional and IT service company Accenture and Northern Virginia Tech Council (NVTC) is a co-sponsor of the event, which is produced by the Dallas event company The event nerd. The event starts at 19.00

The aim of the event is to host a panel discussion in a breathtaking event style, where two tech leaders walk side by side with opening statements, rejections and time for questions from the judges. The virtual audience can create a virtual “couch” with friends to watch the event, and network enthusiasts can move in between. Judges and the audience can choose the winners in real time after the discussions.

Digital Fight Club started in Dallas in 2016 and has since added events in cities including Boston and Atlanta.

Here is the event overview and participants:

Match # 1: Personalization: Intrusive or exclusive

  • Tim Hurt, RP3 agency vs. Sarah Hospelhorn, BigID

Match # 2: The work of the future: Telework, culture and technology

  • Joe Thomas, PenFed Credit Union vs David Gardner, The variegated fool

Camp # 3: Supply Chain

  • Matt Howard, Sonatype vs JC heart, Ionkanal

Match # 4: Cyber ​​Security

  • Matt Devost, OODA vs Roselle Saffron, KeyCaliber

Match # 5: Sustainability: Environmental Protection Vs. Economic growth

  • Gilbert Campbell, Volts of energy vs Kris Sarri, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Ryan LaSalle by Accenture, Jennifer Taylor from NVTC, Brian Povinelli of Marriott International, Dawn Rodney of National Wildlife Federation and Wassel Lewis of AFLAC must judge the event.


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