‘Heartbreaking’ and ‘shameful’: Manchester United fans are furious at Kevin De Bruyne’s comments

Manchester United fans are not happy with comments from Kevin De Bruyne about last weekend’s Manchester derby.

De Bruyne’s Manchester City won until a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford thanks to an own goal from Eric Bailly after just seven minutes and Bernardo Silva’s effort afterwards at the break.

De Bruyne has spoken on international service with Belgium about City’s preparation for the match and has admitted that Pep Guardiola was unable to decide how United would line up against his team.

City’s players had to train last Friday and work on their tactics ahead of the match the following day, but De Bruyne revealed that training stopped after just ten minutes because Guardiola was unable to predict United’s tactical setup.

In a speech to Belgian media, De Bruyne said: “The day before a match we usually train tactically, based on how the opponent plays. Before United, Pep said: ‘We do not know how they will play. We will see’ And we stopped to train after ten minutes or so. “

“Often Pep knows how the opponent is going to play. This time he did not know, so he did not know what to do. We have done as we always do, but he did not know in advance if they would play with five at the back. With four. A diamond in the middle. With three in front. “

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United fans have expressed their opinion on the comments, and some have interpreted it as a potential criticism of Old Trafford boss Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s tactics.

United have only won once in the Premier League since September 19 and have demanded Cristiano Ronaldo to save them twice in the Premier League.

Red Devils supporters took to social media and expressed their opinion on De Bruyne’s comments …

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