Iranian Foreign Minister in a phone call with his Emirati counterpart: Visiting Syria is a “positive step”

Iranian Foreign Minister in a phone call with his emirate counterpart: Visiting Syria

Foreign Ministers of Iran and the UAE – (Iranian News Agency)

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian described the trip, which his Emirati counterpart Abdullah bin Zayed was conducting in the region, which included Syria, as a “positive step”.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s media department said in a phone call with bin Zayed that Abdullahian referred to the UAE foreign minister’s tour of the region, including Syria, and described the visit as a “positive step.”

The Iranian minister said that relations between Iran and the United Arab Emirates were “traditional and positive and of particular importance to both countries,” adding: “We are confident of the results of taking good steps in a comprehensive development of these tape. “

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Abdullahian called for “resolving some operational issues that would facilitate and develop trade cooperation and resolve financial issues between the two countries.”

On the forthcoming nuclear negotiations, Abdullahian said: “We are ready to reach a good agreement and we confirm the implementation of commitments from the other parties.”

The Iranian news agency reported that bin Zayed referred to the outstanding trade exchange issues between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, saying: “Experts are currently conducting a study in this regard and making an effort to resolve it.”

The agency said the emirati minister invited his Iranian counterpart to visit Abu Dhabi and that the invitation was accepted by the latter.

Source: Iranian News Agency

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