The Sydney Harbor Bridge and Tunnel could have more tolls under the Western Harbor Beaches Link plan

The Prime Minister has not ruled out further tolls for iconic Sydney landmarks and there is a possibility that the roads could be sold to private companies.

Motorists crossing the Sydney Harbor Bridge or tunnel would be dragged double by the daily fare according to a proposal revealed in transport documents.

The tolls, which cost up to $ 4 during business hours on weekdays, currently only apply to southbound trips, but they can apply to northbound trips in a plan that the NSW opposition has described as “toll mania”.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet did not rule out the new tolls when asked about it in parliament on Thursday, saying the government “has not made a decision”.

“What I want to say is that this is what governments do – they make decisions through an appropriate process.”

The proposal is proposed in a Transport for NSW document, released this week, which outlines the NSW Government’s response to community concerns about the planned Western Harbor Tunnel and Beaches Link underground highways.

“The decision to apply tolls on roads is an NSW government decision and has not been made at project level,” the document states.

It says no decision has been made, but it “assumes that tolls will apply to all northbound and southbound trips at all port crossings in the future, including two-way tolls on the Western Harbor Tunnel, Beaches Link Tunnel, Sydney Harbor Tunnel and Sydney Harbor Bro “.

NSW Labor leader Chris Minns called the plan “insidious” because the indicative assumption was “buried” in a 780-page document.

“The government needs to get clean with the people of NSW about their sneaky plans to impose a new toll on the Sydney Harbor Bridge,” he said.

“This government’s dependence on more tolls needs to stop, and we urge the Prime Minister to reconsider any decision he has made to pay for northbound traffic on the harbor bridge.”

Minns said Sydney was “the busiest city in the world” and home to a private monopoly with the M2, M4, M5 South West, M5 East, M7, M8, Lane Cove Tunnel, Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor and Northconnex all owned of one company.

“We have heard evidence that some families pay more than $ 6,000 a year in tolls. It is a secret tax on the people of NSW,” he told reporters.

Transport Minister Rob Stokes will not rule out selling from Harbor Bridge and Harbor Tunnel toll roads to private companies.

“Decisions regarding the future of these routes will be made in time,” Mr Stokes told parliament on Thursday.

A spokesman for TfNSW told NCA NewsWire that a decision on the “future toll strategy” for the bridge and tunnel would be made before the current agreement expires on August 31.

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