World of Warcraft developers say Eternity’s End will establish the fate of Shadowlands and its characters

November is a historic month for Warcraft franchise. It was not just the month where Warcraft: Orcs and Humans published back in 1994, it also marked the release of World of Warcraft 10 years later. It is therefore fitting that Blizzard has announced the next major content patch for World of Warcraft‘s Shadowlands expansion just around the 17th anniversary of the MMORPG.

Content patch 9.2, called “Eternity’s End”, promises supernatural twists and turns in an ancient kingdom known as Zerith Mortis. This alien place that once served as a forge for the first to create the universe will be the battlefield where players confront the prison guard, one of several characters who have taken a central stage in the narrative network of Shadowlands. Game Rant spoke with lead narrative designer Steve Danuser and lead game designer Morgan Day about what lies ahead for the heroes and villains of Shadowlands, and to the story of World of Warcraft Overall.

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The Tall King and the Banshee Queen

It is impossible to talk about the story of Shadowlands without Sylvanas Windrunner, Anduin Wrynn and Prison Officer Zovaal. “That triad was at the heart of the story we’re telling,” Danuser said. The history about Shadowlands first saw Anduin captured by Sylvanas, after she left the horde, and then saw him transformed into the prison guard’s puppet with Domination magic. By the exit of World of Warcraft last patch, “Chains of Domination”, Sylvanas turned against the jailer but was defeated and captured by players and their allies.

Anduin replaced Sylvanas as the prison guard’s hand and now accompanies him as he plunges into Zerith Mortis to claim the secrets of the first and rewrite life. Anduin is in a tight situation and dealing with him will be the only way players can hope to confront the jailer, according to Day. After all, unless his Domination magic can be countered, Zovaal could do the same to anyone who stands in his way.

Sylvanas is in his own predicament. Now that she’s in the custody of the heroes, she needs to be grilled for information. Since she was the prison guard’s right hand until recently, she knows a lot about his plans, and getting that information may be the only way to stop him.

chains of dominance

Danuser, however, hinted at the role of an unexpected character. When the players last saw her, Sylvanas got part of her soul back to her body after it was crushed during her death by Arthas’ hand – a fate that shares similarities with Uther the Lightbringer’s fate in Shadowlands. Because of this common story, Danuser said that the paladin who became Kyrian may prove to be an integral part of the story of “The End of Eternity.”

“Actually, [Uther] can serve as something of a guide for her through that process; he had no one to help guide him, but Uther understands what it’s like to go through something like that, and you’ll see how he might be able to help guide Sylvanas through the treacherous waters. ”

Danuser and Day are taciturn about the fate that awaits Anduin and Sylvanas. Anduin is a hero loved by many players, but given that he is in a vice grip by the jailer, players can only hope he is saved. On the other hand, Sylvanas has a lot to answer for after the events in Battle of Azeroth. “Eternity’s End” will reveal whether Anduin will be the same if he survives this ordeal, or what kind of punishment Sylvanas will receive for his sins.

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The High Priestess

world of warcraft shadowlands chains of dominance tyrant elune night warrior

Tyrant Whisperwind was absent from the trailer for “Eternity’s End.” In view of the events of Battle of Azeroth and Shadowlands, it’s no surprise that Tyrande and Sylvanas are on a “collision course”, as Danuser called it. He confirmed that the High Priestess of Elune will appear in “Eternity’s End” and will come face to face with a very different Sylvanas than she fought during the opening scenario for “Chains of Domination.”

“I would say that the two characters have a lot to do – I do not know if ‘determination’ is the right word, because can you ever solve something that happens on the scale of an entire civilization that is almost wiped out? There will be a very heavy interaction between these characters and this is crucial for the final conclusion of how ‘Eternity’s End’ and Shadowlands the story ends. ”

Many Night Elf players have had mixed reactions to Tyrande’s story. While Tyrande has had several epic moments, many of the events she has been involved in have included elements that some found unsatisfactory. Such an event took place during their last meeting, where Elune withdrew her forces from Tyrande at the last minute, which prevented her from getting justice for the almost genocide of her people at the hands of the Banshee Queen.

An end and a beginning


With such high stakes, it is impossible not to sense the finality of the story. In the story of World of Warcraft, expansion packs have followed a release cycle consisting of three large content patches that fill the two-year gaps between the expansion packs. With “Eternity’s End”, however, it seems World of Warcraft breaks that tradition. “We sat down to plan Shadowlands the story like this drama in three acts, ‚ÄĚDanuser said. “It simply came to our notice thenEternity’s End “must be the culmination of that story.” Although he clarified that more content may be coming, patch 9.2 is the grand finale of Shadowlands. A patch 9.3 could still be on the way, but Danuser’s statements and delays and cancellations both Blizzard and Shadowlands have suffered over the past year, suggest something else.

That means there is a lot of speculation about what will come next World of Warcraft. With the high concept character of Shadowlands, many are eager to return to more grounded concepts back in Azeroth, though others hope to see a continued escalation of the epic, cosmic themes World of Warcraft has increased over the last several expansion packs. Danuses do not see this as a binary choice; he argues that there is room for both sweeping, cosmic tales and small, personal stories.

“Do not assume that it will be just one thing. History lines are built up for the next big book in Warcraft saga. Some of that foundation has been laid here, but there is a lot more left on Azeroth, we need to get back to and dive into some story lines and characters there. ”

Day said: “There are tons of opportunities to find a lot of things we feel we can translate in a very understandable way that also has exciting gameplay attached to it as the cosmic story takes place.” While admitting that sometimes “the literal scale of things gets pretty wild”, he acknowledged that players also want to see the little things that give the world shape. It may seem impossible too World of Warcraft to downscale after battling titans, gods and giant dragons, Danuser and Day seem convinced that they delivered a balanced experience in “Eternity’s End”, and will continue to do so in Warcraft’s future.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available now on PC. “Eternity’s End” is currently under development.

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