Experts: Exercise provides amazing benefits for diabetics

Experts from the American Cleveland Clinic confirmed that exercise provides amazing benefits for diabetics, noting that it can lead to lower blood sugar levels and even reduce the need for insulin.

At the same time, experts called for patients to take additional safety precautions when exercising. Exercise is known to be important for people with diabetes, and the National Institutes of Health in the United States even recommends 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week.

Cleveland Clinic Certified Diabetes Nurses So Coty and Andrea Harris identified five of the best exercises a diabetic should do and explained their benefits and the amount of time it takes to practice them, on the eve of World Diabetes Day celebrations, which falls on November 14th.

Kotey said diabetics should try to get used to doing the following exercises regularly, emphasizing that it will give them maximum benefit and help them control the disease. She added that these are exercises that are easy to include in the patient’s daily program, noting that the best exercise is the one that a person enjoys and can practice safely in. “Walking” Everyone can practice walking almost everywhere, so this exercise remains the most common and highly recommended exercise for diabetic patients. And

Spending 30 minutes brisk walking five times a week is a great way to increase physical activity. Walking can be divided into 10-minute sessions performed three times a day. The Chinese exercise “Tai Chi” is based on slow and smooth body movements to relax the mind and body, according to experts. Studies have shown that those who conducted tai chi sessions showed a significant improvement in blood sugar control and reported increased vitality, energy and mental health. Yoga includes smooth movements that build flexibility, strength and balance and is beneficial for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes Yoga reduces stress and improves nerve function, leading to increased mental health and a better level of well-being. Swimming also stretches and relaxes the muscles while not putting pressure on the joints, which is good for diabetics, according to the two experts.

Studies show that swimming improves cholesterol levels, burns calories and reduces stress levels, especially in people with or at risk for diabetes. Experts recommend swimming at least three times a week for at least 10 minutes at a time and gradually increasing the duration of the workout to get the most out of swimming, but they advise patients to let lifeguards know they have diabetes before entering the pool. .

The two experts advised diabetic patients to talk to their doctor before starting exercise to make sure the exercise they choose is safe and appropriate for their type of illness. They also advised patients to start exercising slowly, especially in cases where diabetics have been physically inactive for a period of time.


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