Frank Frazetta’s original work of art of fire and ice, at auction


The late Frank Frazetta was a cartoonist who became an illustrator who gained a worldwide audience for his fantasy work, for Conan, Vampirella and more, and holds the record for best-selling original comic book covers. Therefore, any of his artworks at auction get attention, such as this sketch from his dark fantasy animated film, Fire And Ice, created with and directed by Ralph Bakshi, from a manuscript of Conan cartoonists Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Frazetta created artwork for the production to illustrate where the film would go, animated with a rotoscope. And it’s one of the pieces being auctioned off by Heritage Auctions right now, at the time of writing with a bid of $ 10,500 and going under the hammer between November 18th and 21st.

Frank Frazetta Fire and Ice Illustration Original Art (1982).
Frank Frazetta Fire and Ice Illustration Original Art (1982).

IN 2010 Robert Rodriguez announced that he would direct a live-action remake of the film, and Bakshi agreed to license the rights to Rodriguez., the deal closed shortly after Frazetta’s death. In 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment acquired the recording rights to the live-action remake version of the film, to be directed by Robert Rodriguez.[Menderharikkeværetnogetsiden[Buttherehasbeennowordsince…[Menderharikkeværetnogetsiden[Buttherehasbeennowordsince…

Frank Frazetta Fire and ice Illustration Original Art (1982). The animated dark fantasy / adventure film, Fire and ice, was a collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, with a screenplay by comic book writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Bakshi had always wanted to work with longtime friend Frazetta, and during two separate one-week sessions between the two at Frazetta’s home, followed by a year and a half stay in Los Angeles, Frazetta created tons of character sketches and basic plot situations, such as see here. Bakshi chose to use rotoscoping with live action actors to ensure that Fire and ice art would look realistic. This enhanced Frazetta’s strong animation and design. While not part of the animation itself, this fight scene serves as an introductory plot point from a cult-classic film. This incredible work of art is rendered in pure graphite on a thick illustration board with a tangled image area of ​​18 “x 10”. Signed and in good condition.

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