Google’s Early Christmas Gift for Pixel Superfans: Pixel 6 Pro Socks and a Tensor Sticker

Google’s Early Christmas Gift for Pixel Superfans: Pixel 6 Pro Socks and a Tensor StickerSource: Alex Dobie / Android Central

Back in September, just before Google unveiled the Pixel 6, it opened the Pixel Superfans app, promising private questions and answers, direct feedback to Google’s hardware team, and “occasional gifts” to everyone who attended.

On Thursday, an Imgur post (spotted by 9to5Google) showed one of these benefits: a pair of multicolored socks with the words “Google Pixel 6 Pro” inscribed on them, plus a shiny sticker representing Google Tensor SoC.

“Your feedback helps inform future features and products, so we really could not do this without you,” reads the note accompanying the free swag.

Pixel 6 socks

This is not the first advantage that Google has given its superfans. Last year, some fans got free prints of Deconstructed Pixels.

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Pixel Superfans members also had the opportunity to travel to the NYC Google Store on release day and grab a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro in person before anyone else, provided they lived nearby. Given how quickly the new Pixels sold out in the Google Store, and how low the Pixel 6 Pro inventory is already, exclusive access to the best Android phones in 2021 was the real plus.

But the socks and the sticker are a sweet touch. It says that Google thinks they are the real Pixel 6 advantage from the Android community.

When Pixel Superfans was originally launched, it was for invitees only; Google noticed who bought Pixels most often from the Google Store. Now just go to this form and enter your name and email.

It’s too late to get these socks, but you will no doubt get some Pixel 7 merch next fall. Maybe even another sticker based on the upcoming Tensor chip, codenamed Cloudripper.

For real Pixel Superfans

Google Pixel 6 Pro Cloudy White Render

Google Pixel 6 Pro

An accessory for the socks

The new Pixel 6 Pro surpasses any Pixel phone before it. Next to the Tensor chipset with powerful AI tools, you get a curved 120Hz LTPO QHD + screen, three rear cameras and Android 12 out of the box.

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