Have your say on Bindts Road, Wollert closing

Michaela Meade

Whittlesea residents are invited to share their feedback on a proposal to permanently close part of Bindts Road in Wollert.

The council proposes to close the gravel section of the road between Harvest Home Road and Lehmanns Road due to safety concerns.

Council officials said the road does not provide direct access to any residential properties.

According to a council report, Bindts Road has had “ongoing safety and operational challenges”, including two separate fatalities in 2018 and 2020.

“In addition to these fatalities, VicRoads’ Road Crash Information System (RCIS) indicates that there have been three serious and four fatalities on Bindts Road since 2014,” the report said.

“The proposed closure of the identified section of Bindts Road may reduce traffic and improve overall safety on the northern section of Bindts Road.”

Council Administrator Chris Eddy said the Wollert road network developed in line with the municipality’s plan and that Bindts Road did not contribute to this.

“The council’s district structure plans set out a clear vision for how the road network will be developed to meet population growth now and in the future,” Eddy said.

“We are committed to providing residents with a smart, connected transportation network.

“The closure of Bindts Road will ensure that motorists have access to the safest available roads to get them where they need to be.”

Delivery closes on Friday 17 December.

Details: engage.whittlesea.vic.gov.au/bindts-road

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