Macross Plus gets a new trailer for the film’s American release

Fathom Events is releasing a new trailer for the classic anime film Macross Plus, which will soon have its special cinema debut in the US, just one night.

Fathom Events has cut a new trailer to promote Macross the franchise’s impending return to the United States.

Fathom will bring the classic anime film from 1994 Macross Plus to select cinemas for just one night on December 14th. The film is known to be the directorial debut for Shinichiro Watanabe, who would later direct acclaimed anime series such as Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. The film was also Watanabe’s first collaboration with composer Yoko Kanno, who would continue to write Cowboy Bebop‘s iconic jazz soundtrack and would also return to Macross franchise to compose the score for its 2008 sequel, Maccross Frontier. This will be the first time that the film has been officially shown in cinemas in the United States, and will also mark the first release of a Macross anime in the region for decades. Tickets for the event can now be pre-ordered.

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The film is a condensed section of a 4-volume OVA (original video animation), originally released in Japan in 1994. The first canon sequel to the classic and very influential Super Dimension Fortress Macross anime, Macross Plus takes place several decades after the end of the original series. Mankind and their new Zentradi allies have recovered from the mass destruction that took place in the first show and have now established new colonial worlds throughout the galaxy. The film features a brand new cast of characters, including the main character Isamu Dyson, a handsome test pilot who is selected to test the military’s latest transforming jet fighter / giant robot, the YF-19. Isamu’s mission becomes even more dangerous as he is reintroduced to his old rival, Gold Goa Bowman, who is piloting a rival robot design, and his childhood friend Myung Fang Lone, who now works as a producer for the mysterious virtual pop star, Sharon Apple.

The re-release of the film marks the return of the film Macross franchise to North America. The film was originally released on VHS and DVD in North America by Manga Entertainment, although this release has been discontinued since the early 2000s. A decades-long legal battle between the Japanese franchisees for the franchise and Harmony Gold, the company that created Robotech series, previously prevented publication of any Macross material outside Japan. The legal battle was finally settled earlier this year, with all the companies involved now agreeing to collaborate on the release of Macross and Robotech material worldwide. At present, no announcements have been made about a possible North American reissue of the original Macross anime, or one of its other sequels, such as Macross 7, Maccross Frontier, and the largest access in the franchise, Macross Delta.

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