Rare ‘Earthgrazer’ meteor flew over Alabama this week and was captured on video

A “rare” type of meteor flew over Alabama and Georgia this week and traveled an amazing path of about 186 miles, according to NASA.

The fireball was discovered Tuesday around 5:40 p.m. across the two southern states before spreading into southern Tennessee. NASA said the meteor was what is known as an “Earthgrazer”, where its orbit is so shallow that it glimpses the upper atmosphere over a long distance and sometimes “jumps off” the atmosphere and goes into space again.

Tuesday night’s meteor did not, but its path was so long, NASA said its automated software did not track it completely. Another analysis showed that the fireball traveled a whopping 186 miles through the air.

It was “a rare meteor for those lucky enough to see it,” the NASA Meteor Watch said.

The meteor was first seen at an altitude of 55 miles above Taylorsville, Georgia moving northwest at 38,500 miles per hour. It entered Earth’s atmosphere at a very low angle – 5 degrees from horizontally, NASA said – before dissolving 44 miles across Owens Cross Road southeast of Huntsville.

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