You can make dinner from your bed in this apartment for rent in Toronto

You can make dinner without leaving your bed at this studio for rent in downtown Toronto.

Located at 210 Victoria Street, this 499-square-foot space has received some amusing reactions from the Torontonians about its unique layout.

“Crack a cold beer, make a lot of dishes, get in a roast, all without leaving your bed,” said Facebook user Joel Rieder.

“Bacon grease sprays on your sheets. But you could at least see the stove while you turn it on,” Kristy-Nicole Konior said in the same way.

210 Victoria Street Toronto

You can watch TV from the bed or the sofa. Photo by: Mario Fax Mendoza

When you enter, you will find that the bed is conveniently located directly next to the kitchen, which is equipped with a stove, oven and dishwasher.

If you are not tall, you may have a hard time warming your Mr. Noodles up as the microwave is plugged into the top of the fridge.

“I love how microwaves are supposed to be practical, but this is the most inconvenient setup,” Sam Dan de Sev said on Facebook.

You will have to accept a little less closet space as two of them are completely blocked by the microwave.

210 Victoria Street Toronto

The decor of the bedroom and the kitchen inside a studio unit at 210 Victoria Street. Photo by: Mario Fax Mendoza

The apartment comes with a small living area where you can place a TV for double viewing on either the bed or the sofa.

“I feel like this ad has an audience of 1 and that person is Cookie Monster. He loves crumbs in bed and would probably pay a top dollar,” Pamela Dornan said.

210 Victoria Street Toronto

The bathroom inside the studio comes with a full shower. Photo by: Mario Fax Mendoza

You do not have to travel far to get to the bathroom with full shower as it is only a few steps away from your bed.

The rent for this studio is set at a whopping $ 1,775, all supplies included.

210 Victoria Street Toronto

The studio comes with a desk space for those who work from home. Photo by: Mario Fax Mendoza

“There’s a bottle of complementary champagne on the bed. Maybe the price includes a monthly champagne service,” Facebook user Hannah Sylvia said of the ad.

The studio is delivered fully furnished and can be rented from 1 December.

Even though you’re on the more expensive side, you want to be at least a few steps away from the Eaton Center, and that should come with some perks, right?


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