David Hockney is tired of wellness culture and still loves cigarettes

David Hockney at the Orangerie Museum in Paris on October 7, 2021. THOMAS COEX / AFP via Getty Images

David Hockney, one of the world’s most successful living painters, is known for his recent focus on art made almost exclusively on his iPad, and for his curious behavior when it comes to lifestyle habits. At 84, Hockney certainly deserves the right to be stuck in his ways, but that does not mean that his shows on cigarette smoking, one of his favorite pastimes, are less fun (or related). Early in the pandemic, Hockney went so far as to say that smoking cigarettes could give people a natural barrier against coronavirus.

“I’ve been smoking for over 60 years, but I think I’m pretty healthy,” Hockney said last year. “How much longer do I have? I’m going to die of either a smoking-related illness or a non-smoking-related illness.” This week, an artist is there goes by Mr. Bingo on Twitter revealed that Hockney had purchased 10 of his custom-made beer mats, each reading “Bored of Wellness.” In the middle of the beer mats stands an ashtray with a single cigarette. Bingo wrote that he asked Hockney if he could share their exchange online, and Hockney responded with a perfectly distinctive letter. “I’m also bored with WELLNESS,” wrote Hockney. “The concept seems ridiculous and too bossy to me, I still smoke and ENJOY it HUGE.”

“I’ve never been to a GYM in my life,” Hockney continued, obviously picks up steam. “I walk a little SLOW and not that far, but I still work away EVERY DAY. I have an exhibition in Paris of a work of 90 meters that shows a whole YEAR in Normandy. Love life. “Observer contacted Hockney’s representatives to find out if the artist would ever consider switching from cigarettes to vaping. We will update this post in case of a response.

David Hockney is tired of wellness culture and still loves cigarettes, just like you

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