Did Governor Cuomo make a graceful exit? Workplace experts weigh in on how to leave a job and what to know about paying tax on mutual fund gains – especially this year

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The pandemic has ‘transformed the mindset’ of US job hunters

A majority of workers expect to be job hunting in the next year – especially those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

Did Governor Andrew Cuomo make a graceful exit? Experts in the workplace are considering how to leave a job

‘If you want to air these complaints, are you so prepared to own the consequences fully?’ says an executive coach. Read more

My husband and I live in his late father’s house. He threatens to divorce – and says I’ll end up homeless

‘My name is not on the mortgage because of my credit, but my name is on the lap.’ Read more

What you need to know about paying tax on mutual fund gains – especially this year

You may end up paying taxes even if your fund units fall in value. Read more

My friend is worth $ 10 million. As his accountant, I am asked to record illegitimate expenses. Can I be prosecuted?

‘I’m told what the expenses are – and I record them in our accounting software.’ Read more

Home sales are rising as the limited number of properties on the market improves

Although the stock picture remains rather gloomy, signs of improvement in July represent a major source of relief for home buyers. Read more

Employers face a dilemma: keeping workers safe with vaccine mandates – and sticking with their employees

Some companies are worried that workers will reject a vaccine claim – and walk away at a time when they are desperate to retain workers. Read more

This financial advisor helps people recover from hard times. She knows what it’s like

‘We throw ourselves into shame and embarrassment, so it’s all about the future,’ says financial adviser Stacie Rasmussen to customers. Read more

How to minimize the depreciation of your car

The value of a new car drops markedly as soon as it is driven away from the dealer’s grounds. Learn how depreciation fits into total cost of ownership and how to maintain value. Read more

With fewer discounts and more supply chain problems, you can try these tips to control spending back to school

The pandemic has added new goods, new costs and new twists and turns to the process of shopping back to school. Read more


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