Metro to LaGuardia? Port Authority to Consider Possibility – NBC New York

Could the metro be extended to LaGuardia Airport? It is an option on the table as the port authority starts a review of better options for mass transport to the airport.

The agency said Tuesday it had appointed a blue-band panel to consider a list of options for better access to the airport. “At least,” it said, the panel would consider:

  1. improved and expanded bus connection, including potential for dedicated lanes
  2. ferry service
  3. one-system rides, including options for extending the subway
  4. options for elevated guideways, including light rail from various LIRR and metro stops
  5. “other new and emerging technologies that can be pursued and implemented in the short term”

The panel of experts will include former NYC Transport Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Denver International Airport CEO Philip Washington and Mike Brown, the former CEO of London Heathrow Airport.

The port authority said the MTA would also be involved in the process and that the report would be completed “as soon as possible.”

Last month, the agency officially put a $ 2 billion project on hold to build an AirTrain for LaGuardia. The FAA had previously concluded that it was the best option for bringing mass transportation to the airport.

AirTrain, announced in 2015, had been a pet project of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but his successor Gov. Kathy Hochul has been critical of the idea.


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