Ramy Youssef is coming to Toronto in December

The Golden Globe-winning comedian performs in St. Lawrence Center for the winter

Good news for those eagerly awaiting the third season of the Hulu / Crave show Ramy: The show’s creator, Ramy Youssef, is coming to Toronto for a Just For Laughs show at St. Lawrence Center.

Like the show he created and starred in, Youssef’s comedy focuses on his experiences as a 20-something Egyptian-American Muslim and the spiritual contradictions he must navigate.

His one-hour HBO comedy special, Ramy Youssef: Feelings (also on Crave) featured a lot of material that ended in the first few seasons of the A24-produced show (one of our favorites in 2020): how it was growing up as a Muslim child after 9/11, his complicated feelings about premarital sex and his even more complicated feelings about his attractive cousin (maybe watch the whole series before returning to the last one).

This show gives Toronto its first laugh at the charismatic comedian since well before the pandemic – he last performed at the even more intimate Comedy Bar for two shows in 2018 – while showing where the show could go. Maybe it will even bring a cameo from Toronto’s own Dave Merheje, who is a regular series as one of Ramy’s best friends.

Ramy Youssef will perform on Thursday, December 2 at the Bluma Appel Theater in St. Petersburg. Lawrence Center for the Arts (27 Front East). Tickets cost $ 49.50 at Ticketmaster.

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