Suhail Al Mazrouei: The UAE has a clear future direction for the development of hydrogen energy

Abu Dhabi – WAM

Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said the United Arab Emirates has a clear future direction for the development of hydrogen energy and is moving forward with its hydrogen-related plans and in working with its global partners to focus to achieve the appropriate energy mix in parallel with its goal of protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions, and that the UAE is ready to share its knowledge in the clean energy sector;.

He added during his participation in a session on policies to support and develop the sustainable hydrogen industry in the second day of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition “ADIPEC 2021” – that we in the UAE are open to all forms of energy that are compatible with our natural resources and infrastructure, and we are eager to diversify energy sources and maintain a balance between different energy sources in a way that supports sustainable development and the green economy, especially related to hydrogen energy in its various colors.

Suhail bin Muhammad Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, stressed that the world today has a great need to develop the hydrogen economy and continually seek future opportunities for expansion in clean energy through legislation and laws that keep pace with current development and future challenges and set ambitious goals for the future..

He added that hydrogen is a new and promising source of future energy, and we at the UAE are working to exploit its sources in light of the possibility of producing them from available and traditional sources or from renewable sources, in addition to geothermal and organic sources, which explains that hydrogen production from fossil fuels in our region is currently the most competitive..

He pointed out that hydrogen is one of the ways to achieve sustainable development, and the UAE has a real effort to develop hydrogen energy. solutions to global climate challenges, the most recent of which was the announcement of the UAE’s Strategic Initiative for Climate Neutrality 2050.

He pointed out that the United Arab Emirates looks forward to building its capabilities through cooperation with various active partners in the energy sector, in particular clean, so that the country will be one of the main suppliers of future energies of all kinds, renewable energy, nuclear, hydrocarbon and hydrogen energy. Our efforts are based on implementing innovative initiatives and finding solutions that are integrated with energy systems, as well as supporting research, development and innovation paths to deliver sustainable energy.

Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei explained that the conservation of sustainable and clean energy sources is one of the main axes of the UAE economy for the next fifty years and that is what made us invest in the energy of the future, especially hydrogen, and that the UAE has developed incentive plans and qualitative partnerships to promote hydrogen energy, having recently concluded several cooperation agreements with leading countries in this field.

He noted that the cost of producing hydrogen energy is constantly declining year after year thanks to the technology of the future and motivating companies to invest in this sector, in addition to joint international action based on clear plans and goals..

He said: At the UAE, we aim to strengthen the role of technology in shaping the future of the energy sector over the next fifty years, managing demand and rationalizing consumption. We have set a clear goal of reducing energy consumption by up to 40% by 2050..


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