a circus of wild animals sets up as the city would ban them

The Association for the Defense of Animals PAZ, condemns the arrival of a circus with wild animals in the private parking lot of a supermarket in Marseille.

Tigers behind the bars in a cage, camels in the middle of a parking lot … Supporting photos, the PAZ Animal Defense Association (Paris Animaux Zoopolis) condemns the installation of Muller circus in the private parking lot of a La Valentine shopping center in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille.

The Muller circus especially imprisones primates, tigers, zebras, camels, horses … It is impossible to meet their basic needs under such conditions.“, Says the association in a press release.

In passing, PAZ recalls that the mayor of Marseille, still 1st deputy, was engaged “publicly against this practice“in July 2020.

In the case of private land, contrary to what one might think, the town hall has the means to oppose the arrival of an animal circus which does not respect a certain number of conditions laid down in particular by the decree of 23 June. 1985.

This ministerial decree contains the rules for opening a chapel to the public. And these rules apply everywhere in France, both in the public and private domains. The only condition for private land is that the tent must accommodate at least 50 spectators.

In this case, the mayor of Marseille can therefore take up this ministerial decree, activate his “security commission” lever to check that the Muller circus, installed on a private domain, complies with all the rules of this decree of 23 June 1985.

Legal expert Véronique Tardy, specialist in animal welfare, recalls “that in his capacity as judicial police officer, mayor or (attorney) can also go on the spot and check if all the animal welfare conditions are met., pursuant to the decree of 18 March 2011“.

Marseille no longer wants an animal circus and is relaunching the debate

On 5 October 2020, Marseille City Council unanimously voted a “Vœu concerning the ban on wild animals in circuses “. This report was primarily aimed at the state to position itself”. finally against shows with wild animals in the circus ».

For this, the municipality proposed ” That the state defines a specific budget to financially assist the traditional circuses aiming at this transition, and this on national territory. That the state provides financial support to institutions that act as a refuge for circus animals as part of a national conversion policy ».

« A decree banning the arrival of circuses with wild animals in municipal territory should follow », Had specified the former first deputy Benoît Payan.

A year later, this decree, to which the new municipal team was clearly obliged, has not been taken.

The installation of this circus with wild animals in Marseille comes the day after the National Assembly’s almost unanimous adoption of the bill against animal cruelty. Tomorrow, Thursday, November 18, the Senate should pass this law.

“A circus without animals is not a circus”

The Muller Circus is a regular target for animal rights groups, which condemn the use of tigers, lions, zebras and other hippos in their shows.

The retreat of animals in his circus, Frank Muller, fifth generation of this dynasty in the Muller circus, does not want to hear about it. In September 2020, in an interview with our colleagues from France Bleu Provence, he replied: “there are almost 300 circuses in France to keep animals, although I get 40,000 or 100,000 euros today to retrain, what is the future of our children.

Me, I only got one diploma, it is a proof of the ability to present my animals on show. If my animals are taken from me, what happens to all the circus companies, and where should we place all these animals?“adds Frank Muller, who is also chairman of the Circus Association.

Mayors did not want all the rights

More and more local elected officials are stepping up in favor of the condition of the animals and refusing to host these animal circuses, while parliamentarians are preparing a law banning them within seven years.

According to information gathered on the Cirque de France’s website, 438 municipalities have decided on a circus without animals. These cities have either taken a decree, a consideration or made a wish. Some have seen their decision annulled by the prefecture or the administrative court. The law seems more complex than it seems …

These voluntary injunctions taken by certain municipalities have no legal value.“, explains lawyer Véronique Tardy, a specialist in animal welfare,”For some municipalities that have issued bans, the prefects have requested the withdrawal because they believe these injunctions are illegal, the law on circuses has not yet entered into force. The prefecture can therefore easily argue for the principle of freedom of trade“.

According to a study by the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis / IFOP (2020), more than 7 out of 10 French people (72%) are in favor of banning wild animals in circuses.

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