Agenda of the Mayor of Lyon from 15 to 21 November |

Grégory Doucet, Mayor of Lyon. @WilliamPham

The Mayor of Lyon EELV, Grégory Doucet, unveiled his travels and meetings from November 15 to 21.

Lyon capital has chosen to share with you every week the agenda of the Mayor of Lyons to participate in the transparency of public life. Find Grégory Doucet’s appointments for the coming weeks below.

Monday, November 15th

  • Press conference to start the hearing on the Francheville-Lyon cable car project;
  • Discussion with Raymond le Moign, general manager of Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Tuesday, November 16th

  • Commission of Finance, Institutions, Resources and Territorial Organizations of the Métropole de Lyon;
  • Public meeting on the launch of the hearing on the right bank with Bruno Bernard, President of Lyon Metropolis.

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Wednesday, November 17th

  • Meeting with Laurence Borie-Bancel, new chairman of the board of the CNR (Compagnie nationale du Rhône), Pierre Meffre, director of port assessment and Thomas San Marco, CNR general delegate;
  • Press conference prior to the City Council;
  • Weekly discussion with Bruno Bernard, President of the Métropole de Lyon;
  • Launch party for the cable transport consultation.

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Thursday, November 18th

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Friday, November 19th

  • Lunch with Olivier Berzane, mayor of the 8th arrondissement meeting with Emmanuelle Didier, architect of buildings in France (ABF);
  • Security meeting in the prefecture with Pascal Mailhos, prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region;
  • Match Asvel / Barcelona, ​​at Astroballe in Villeurbanne.

Saturday, November 20th

  • Closing of the festival Instructions for use, Villa Gillet.


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